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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Proof I am WORKING from home

Because of the crazy kindergarten schedule -- they don't start until tomorrow -- I've been working from home the past two days.

I know you are thinking "working from home," making those little air quotes with your fingers. But really, I'm parked at the kitchen table (not on the couch), ignoring all of the housework begging to be done -- Back in a minute. Gotta stir the macaroni...

Anyway, I was telling you how I am being especially diligent about getting work done from home.

Robbie is in the basement, building legos with the babysitters -- Max & Ruby and Dora the Explorer. And I am here, writing about the impact of older workers on the state's labor force, and ignoring this:


the mountain of laundry sitting on the couch, wrinkling more and more as the hours go by. See what a dedicated employee I am?!


Cheryl said...

I should have done that yesterday. I battled guilt all morning as I worked from home while Alison watched TV.

Should have taken the picture....

Joanne said...

Ooops maybe I shouldn't have tagged you. I had to pick on -- I mean choose 7 people and I choose you because (its on my blog)

Amy said...

No worries. I'll do your 7 things thing tonight.

Beth said...

I love all your yellow, lady.

Does working from the couch not count? I'll have to remove the six hours of sofa-based script-writing I logged over the weekend. Sigh. Oh well. Good to know!