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Friday, August 21, 2009

You like me!

Just wanted to pop in before the day is over to say thanks everyone for such a terrific birthday!

From the birthday message Annie left on my car:

windshield wishes

to the Friday morning coffee with my friends Denise and Beth, to lunch and cookies from the gals at work, to not one -- but two -- birthday cakes when I got home, there is no denying that I'm loved.

One cake was from Mike and the other -- plus a bottle of Diet Coke! -- was from the lady we carpool with. How did she know? Here's the cake from Mike:


He engineered the inclusion of the Diet Coke himself.

If that was all that my birthday included, it would have been an A+ day. But thanks to the proliferation of social media -- comments here on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, a Catholic moms board I belong to -- I had more birthday wishes than I could count.

Heck, even a couple of bill collectors called my house today. I'm sure they were calling to wish me all the best in the coming year, too!

To those of you who enjoyed some cake today, hope it was delish. And those of you who weren't so lucky, there's always next year (or tomorrow)! In the meantime, let me know when I can celebrate with you.


Amy's Mom! said...

Happy birthday, Amy (again) Just in time-I made it before your
B-Day officially ended. Sounds like it was a great day! Love, Mom

Eternal Lizdom said...

Sounds like it was a great day!! And well deserved!

Sharon said...

That is one awesome cake. ;)
My dh has never done a cake for me. I'm really curious what it would look like. LOL

I'm glad you felt so loved. And how thoughtful of the bill collectors to call. They must like you more than us. They don't even wait til our b-days to make it special.

Amy said...

Sharon - Let me clarify. Dh did not bake a cake for me. He bought it. But then he bought the 3-9 candles and put the Diet Coke can in it. He even thought to put the can in a cupcake wrapper and then filled in the area of the indents w/red hots. It was awesome. I bet your dh could handle that.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy belated! Wow your are diet coke obsessed, huh? I prefer diet coke too!