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Monday, August 3, 2009

What will you remember?

Annie and I were out buying school supplies and bras (that's a WHOLE 'nuther post!) last weekend. We stopped to grab a bite to eat and for some reason I asked her when she is 40 years old, what does she think she'll remember the most about certain people in her life.

Actually, the initial question was what will she remember about ME (I'm kind of self-centered like that). Here's what she said:


"I'll remember how you are always behind your laptop." (Ouch! Did she really just say that? How's that for a ringing endorsement for reduced screen time?)

"I'll remember that when there's no radio on in the car, you sing Catholic songs really loudly." (At least she didn't say "badly.")

"And I'll remember that you like to pop my zits and blackheads." (Did I really just type that out here in this very public space? Let me note that it's not that I enjoy this task, it's just that the OCD side of me is driven batty by the sight of blemishes on the faces of those I love. If you don't live in my house, don't worry, I won't attack your zits. And I don't even pop Annie's that often -- she's strong enough to fight me off.)

Certain that I didn't want to hear any more about what she'll remember about me, I asked about Mike.

"I'll remember that he teaches my brothers inappropriate things." (Perhaps its a matter of judgement whether teaching small boys to belch the alphabet is inappropriate?) "And that he 'tries' to dance to be cool and he knows a lot about computers and everything about Star Trek."

Between the two of us, raising three normal and well-adjusted kids is gonna be a crapshoot. Still, I was enjoying the conversation, so I went on. I didn't ask about her brothers because I didn't want her to say something she might regret one day. So I moved on to the grandparents.

Grandpa? "Oh, (insert giggle here) I will always remember his crazy, long curly eyebrows." (I was braced for the "he chases us with boogers" comment, but that would fit under inappropriate things above, I guess.

Grandma? "She is always SO busy. And she can fix a lot of stuff." (Tru dat. And fix them with nothing more than a paper clip and a rubber band on most occasions!)

What about Poppo and GoGo -- Mike's parents -- I wondered? What will you remember about them?

"I'll remember that Poppo really likes poetry and going for walks outside and being in the garden. And GoGo likes to have fun and take us places. And, oh yeah, for an old lady she sure cusses a lot."

Guess as a group, we bring a whole new meaning to the word "legacy."

What do you remember about your parents and grandparents.


Joanne said...

My mom just asked me that about my dad on Father's day. I remember him teaching me to love reading. He read to me all the time. my dad was always kind and very athletic.
LOL ok my mom used to pop my zits - wasn't that part of being a mom??? Although I don't remember ever touching my son's zits. right now my mom is the best friend a girl could have.

My granny knit and was bedridden. Both my grandfather's passed away before I knew them. And my nana (my mom's step mom) loved me above everyone on this planet and was a total bitch to the rest of the world.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ugh... I kind of want to ask my kids that, but I kind of don't. I'm PRETTY sure the laptop thing will be on their list. If it's not... it should be. *sigh* Going to bed feeling convicted now.

Nate's Mom said...

Amy, I love this. Toying with the idea of asking my kids. Not sure I want to hear them either.

I remember my grandma made the best pumpkin bread. When I moved out of state, she sent me some (a little piece of grandma's love). When it arrived, it had started to mold, but I never told her.

I remember a road trip with my Papa (dad's dad)and my dad when I was a teen. I stole a piece of wood from the petrified forest (which is illegal). My dad was scolding me and Papa asked what I did. When dad told him, he said, "well good for her." I had that piece of wood for a long time.

I remember going to church with my great-grandparents every Sunday.

Thanks for prompting this trip down memory lane.

Sheri in CA

If I am brave enough to ask, I will blog about it, lol.

Amy said...

@MommySpecialKs and @Nate'sMom -- Did you ask them? What did they say?

@Joanne - Your mom sounds like a winner!