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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Step 1 to economic recovery

I realize that President Obama has not yet invited me to a position on his Cabinet. But I have come up with an award-winning idea for how to get this country on the road to economic recovery. And I being the good citizen that I am, I will share this idea right here instead of waiting for the call from the POTUS.

Step 1 to economic recovery in this country is to stop allowing people to spend their hard-earned dollars on ugly junk sold during the late night hours on QVC.

I mean, who really needs a Joan Rivers Flights of Fantasy Sparrow Keepsake Box for $52.86? Do you know how many groceries $52 could buy?

Now, I'll admit to having made purchases from QVC once in a blue moon. Stacy and Clinton from "What Not to Wear" would be mortified to know that I fancy the Quacker Factory line of clothing -- but only for holiday attire, which I realize does not make it any more forgiveable. (I do, however, consider Jeanne Bice's headband to be totally unforgiveable.)

And while I would love to sink my teeth into a Mrs. Prindable's apple, I would kill Mike if he actually spent $43.73 on something I could make in my own kitchen for a fraction of the cost. (Oh my gosh, I sound like my mother here!) And where do they get apples as big as your head, anyway?

I understand that QVC is probably a billion dollar industry all unto itself. People are employed on air -- did anyone of them think "I want to grow up and hawk purses and tchotchkes on television? -- behind the scenes in the production studio, on the phones, in the distribution centers, not to mention the people needed to manufacture all the items for sale.

But my fellow Americans, come on -- let's exercise some financial restraint and save our pennies for something more practical, more tasteful than Marie Osmond porcelain dolls and Black Hills Gold jewelry.

President Obama, if you think my idea is worth exploring, I'd be happy to come to the White House to discuss it further. I might even don some patriotic Quacker Factory attire for the occasion.


Nate's Mom said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to click the link to see what this quacker clothing is. I don't think I have ever actually bought anything from QVC. But, I have spent many insomniac night watching, cuz I was too tired to change the channel, lol.

Sheri in CA

Momza said...

::::APPLAUSE::: I'd vote for you! Go Girl!
You're so brave to admit to buying and wearing the Quacker Factory
That's funny~ Why couldn't you live near me??

Anonymous said...

Obama will be relieved to know that all he has to do is tax QVC and urge people to stop buying gold to cure the global recession. Bravo!