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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walking the talk?

So far tonight:

  1. I discovered that Charlie threw a bunch of clean and folded clothes in the dirty clothes hamper so he could be finished cleaning his room in time for a friend to come over and play and

  2. Annie remembered at 8pm that she had math homework and oh, yeah, left her math binder at school. The school that is attached to the church where we were for Mass this evening and where, had she given her homework any consideration before Sunday night, she could have picked up said binder so she could do the homework.
I am not impressed.


Momza said... least he's thinking about picking up his room and she is thinking about homework...give 'em time!
They want a dog, Mama!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Even though I'm not to that school age thing yet... and Teagan hasn't figured out those kind of tricks yet... I can totally feel your frustration!

Joanie said...

I once found an entire load of clean laundry at the bottom of my son's hamper. It was the last time I did his laundry.

Joanne said...

So if they get a dog - can the dog be thrown into the hamper if they don't feel like waking. And if Annie realizes at 8pm the dog should have been fed at 6 what happens -- oh ya MOM happens.

Funny how soon they forget the reason for their Emergency Meeting (I tried that too when I was younger - can't remember if I got what I wanted or not - I am thinking not!!)