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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Biggest Loser: Who gets your vote?

At the start of tonight's show, the final 4 -- Danny, Liz, Rudy and Amanda -- head to their individual homes for 60 days. There are celebrations welcoming them home, a video from Bob and Jillian telling them they would be running a marathon, and a look at how they are adjusting to being home.

I could relate most to Rudy. How do you find/make time for yourself in the face of work and family demands? Liz's discussion about her marital difficulties felt like TMI and made me feel sorry for her husband.

Honestly, the 1 hour spent on the first half of the show could have been done in about 30 minutes. I thought the show really picked up and became interesting when they arrived back in California to run the marathon.

They all looked good, but Danny looked freaking amazing! Rudy pulled out to an early lead in the marathon, followed closely by Amanda. Danny and Liz went at a much slower pace, staying together and encouraging each other through significant hip and knee pain.

Along the route, various people were placed to offer moral support. One of them was Tara. She ran with Danny and Liz for a while, then caught up to Amanda, who was running with her best friend Brian. By mile 17 Amanda was crying that she couldn't do it. No surprise there, although I won't pick on her because most I've ever done is 13.1 miles.

Dina, Rudy's blue team partner, ran about 1/2 of the marathon with him. For the last mile, Bob ran with them both -- the same path they all ran in their first 1 mile challenge the first day on the ranch. It struck me how cruel it was that the last steps were in the sand. Running on the sand is hard. Running 26.2 miles is miserable. But running the final mile of 26.2 miles on the sand is plain ridiculous.

Rudy finished first, followed by Amanda. I really had my doubts about whether Danny would finish. I expected Liz to go ahead without him. But they stuck together and they finished in under 7 hours!

I kept waiting for the product placement during the marathon - where was the Biggest Loser carb gel or whatever?

In the personal vignettes, several of the 4 talked about fear. The fear that they will go back to being those morbidly obese people, fear that they wouldn't finish the marathon, fear that they couldn't assimilate back into their families. Tomorrow is the kick-off breakfast for the American Heart Association's Heart Healthy Makeover and I'm finding myself pushing back a little, afraid of what I've gotten myself into, afraid that I won't be able to follow through. Ok, enough about me. Back to the Biggest Loser...

After the marathon, it was time for the weigh in. I've listed the contestants in order of their weigh in, starting weight, last weight at the ranch, current weight:

Liz - 267 - 198 - 182 (-16 pounds at home; total of 85 lost since start)
Amanda - 250 - 186 - 170 (-16 pounds at home; total of 80 lost since start)
Danny - 430 - 288 - 229 (-59 pounds at home; total of 201 lost since start)
Rudy - 442 - 296 - 253 (-43 pounds at home; total of 191 lost since start)

I know that men lose faster than women, but it's unbelievable to me that Liz and Amanda only lost 16 pounds in 2 months, compared to the major losses recorded by Danny and Rudy.

So the vote comes down to between Liz and Amanda. I almost couldn't stomach Amanda's "pick me again" plea. Though her "let me start what I've finished" logic made some sense to me.

Liz chose the "I'm the oldest female in the final 4. I could be the oldest contestant in the final 3" argument. I think that was the wrong tack to take. I think she should have talked about how she could compete, how she has the ability to put up the numbers it will take to be competitive.

But really, who to vote for? Think it over and cast your vote at


Joanie said...

I watched the show last night. No surprise that Amanda was all boo hoo through the marathon. Amanda does look the most fit of the 4 of them. I'm sick and tired of her America chose me speech.

I'll be honest. I don't like Liz. BUT I have to give her props for not complaining about the workouts during the entire 12 weeks, for pushing on, for staying with Danny through the entire marathon (I was really surprised that he was having so much trouble and not Liz, considering she has a good 15 years on him).

So, with all that being said, I plan to vote for Liz because she didn't backstab anyone, didn't complain (except when Tracey backstabbed her, but I don't blame Liz for that), stuck to the program and stayed loyal to her partner.

I have a feeling, in the long run, I think Danny just might be the Biggest Loser. I sure hope it isn't Rudy. He's a douche.

Curious as to how the homebound contstants fared! Who will win the $100,000 (or is it $50,000?) I'd love for it to be Abby!! She was a sweetheart!

Joanne said...

Amy - just do it - its being afraid of what might be that holds us back and you have this awesome opportunity - embrace it heart (get it heart) and soul.

I agree last night was TMI in several spots - and why was Amanda the product placement queen - how much extra (get it extra) was she paid and did they have to take the subway (get it subway) to the park for their meal. Ok enough silliness.

Joanie you are correct Rudy is a total douche although he had the best line of the night "whoever decided to put the finish line 26.2miles from the starting line is crazy (or something like that)". My husband explained that the reason Danny was having so many problems is because he lost the weight so fast and his muscles most likely weren't nourished enough prior to the marathon (pays to be married to a physiotherapist).

I believe as a Canadian I can't vote for either and that suits me fine. Liz was a total bitch during some of the not aired videos and Amanda's whine is just too much to take.

Other note I was pleased to see that Helen now looks so healthy - she was so frikken skinny at the finale now she is totally rocking out her weight loss - would like to know how her daughter is doing that's been in the cone of Biggest Loser silence hasn't it?

Shauna said...

I have to say that, considering Amanda is only 19, the crying wasn't that much of a surprise to me. And considering she ran a marathon, I'm not going to say anything bad about her.

Amanda and Liz had a lot less to lose than Danny and Rudy, so it's no surprise theire weight loss would have slowed down while they were home. The last bit of weight would be harder to get off than anything. Danny impressed me, though. He's lost over 200lbs! that's fantastic.

Marine Wife said...

Best of luck with your Heart Healthy Makeover!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Hey Amy!

I didnt drop off the face of the earth... really! It seems like I can never watch Biggest Loser when it's on and have to watch it days later! I was always afraid to pop over here and get the spoilers first! Anyhow, my kids have taken over the computer, too!

You know, Danny did so well, but from the time he went home previously, I could tell he was prepared to do this right. He made shish kabobs at home when all of the others went out to eat. That stuck in my head!

Anyhow, looking forward to the finale! Oh yeah! Did you Sean is bringing Mandisa (from American Idol) to the finale? I seen their tweets back and forth!