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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My favorite day of the year


Today is National Ice Cream Day. It's my favorite day of the year -- even though I just learned about it 10 minutes ago. But seriously, how could you not like National Ice Cream Day (unless you are lactose intolerant, in which case we appreciate you not joining in the celebration).

While my diet is much healthier than it was say 5 years ago or so, ice cream is still my favorite food. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be ice cream. If I were on death row and could choose anything as my last meal, it would be a smorgasbord of ice cream. And the beauty of having ice cream as a favorite food is that if, when I'm older, I have trouble chewing and swallowing solid food, good old-fashioned ice cream will not let me down.

If I were limited to just one flavor, I'd choose chocolate, though I do enjoy a good vanilla bean where you can see the bits of the beans in the ice cream. My default combo when I just can't decide on anything is one scoop chocolate, one scoop mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone.

Also, always a cone, never a dish. Unless it's a sundae, which I very rarely eat.

I have different favorites depending on where I go:

Baskin-Robbins: Peanut butter chocolate -- a perfect go-to flavor

Maggie Moos: Dark chocolate and Cinnamoo mixed with almonds -- a sophisticated, grown up taste

Ben & Jerry's: Chubby Hubby -- delicious and the name makes me smile

Marsh Supermarket: Marsh brand light Moose Tracks -- all of the goodness, not so much of the badness

Graeter's (although I've only been there once): Buckeye Blitz -- similar to, but smoother than, the Baskin Robbins peanut butter chocolate

Steak 'n Shake: Chocolate milkshake, straight up. No fancy mix-ins or crazy side-by-sides

Dairy Queen: Dilly Bar -- Not too fattening and I love the crunchy chocolate outer shell.

McDonald's: The 49-cent vanilla cone hits the spot without hitting the pocketbook

You'll notice I'm not real big on fruit in my ice cream. Once, we were in Nashville, Indiana in the fall and I had pumpkin pie ice cream that was surprisingly good. Sometimes I get adventurous like that.

My favorite ice cream story of all time is from college. Our friend Beth had been raving to Mike that Ben & Jerry's had a new pepperoni pizza dough flavored ice cream. She kept up this charade for several days. Finally, she got Mike to go to Ben & Jerry's with her. He stepped up to the counter, asked to taste the pepperoni pizza dough ice cream and got back a very confused stare in return.

I think tonight we might have a make-your-own-sundae buffet after dinner. Heck, we might have a make-your-own-sundae buffet FOR dinner.

So, wherever you are, today raise a cone in praise of ice cream and know I'll be doing the same.


Rachel said...

Hey - it's my new favorite day too!

And ohmyheck, the pepperoni pizza dough "incident" is priceless! :)

BgKahuna said...

Now, I have to stop for ice cream with my kids.

Unknown said...

We all had ice cream today. Not sure the hottest days are the best for ice cream in your tummies, but sometimes Mom just has to say yes!

Shell said...

So tempted to run out right now and get some ice cream!

Sharon said...

mmm! Ice cream! I had some strawberry shortcake Skinny Cow. So good. Do you like Skinny Cow?

Usually I love mint chocolate chip.
I do love Moose Tracks, too.
I am a dish fan, not cone. I don't like it to drip all over me, and I eat it slower than a cone permits.
I LOVE McD's hot fudge sundaes, w/ extra hot fudge. I've got a sweet tooth, alright.

Happy Ice Cream Day!

Angie said...

I'm with you - my new favorite day of the year! I'm a big fan of mint chocolate chip myself, and Ben and Jerry's has a flavor called Cinnamon Buns that I find to be super delicious. As a Cincinnati native, anything from Graeter's with the word "chip" in the name rocks my world. Glad you got to try some and it was a pleasure meeting you last week.

Momza said...

My hubs' fav treat is ice cream too. So there's usually some in the freezer--unless the yahoos get to it first.Then there's like a tablespoon left--so noone can be guilty of eating it "ALL".
I have to be in the mood for ice cream--and when I am, my favorite is butter pecan in a waffle cone.
I used to manage a Frozen Yogurt shoppe when I was younger and I enjoyed that very much. Everyone is happy when they come in for ice cream, so noone was grouchy. Loved that. So different than when I worked in a bank. HA! There's awhole 'nother blog for that comparison! Anyway, hope your celebration hit the spot!

Judy D. said...

This cone's for you. I had to laugh about your fruit reference because that's how I feel about raisins in cookies.

Jennie and Kim said...

Your blog is SO cute! Love it!!
It was great meeting you at bloggy conference, we're already looking forward to next year, we had a lot of fun!

Ok, now down to fav ice cream is anything peanut butter but I REALLY love Graeters raspberry dark choc! YUM!

Keep in touch!

-Jennie & Kim