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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Biggest Loser: Last week on the ranch

Over and over we hear from the Biggest Loser contestants, "I have to do what's best for me." I'm invoking that philosophy tonight. I'm just not up to a long post about this episode which chronicled the last week on the ranch for the remaining contestants of Season 9.

But I will share the highlights:
  • There was no yellow line, only a red one. Whoever had the lowest percentage of weight loss would go home.
  • Past winners Helen (Season 7) and Erik (Season 3) came to share their wisdom. Erik's insight was especially helpful because he gained back most of the 200+ lbs he lost on the show and is trying to lose it all again.
  • The challenge was the "Put the Weight Back on Challenge." Daris won -- and with it the option of $10,000 or a 1 lb. advantage, which he chose.
  • Michael had a meltdown in the gym.
  • The boys (Michael, Daris, Koli) all posted huge numbers at the weigh in.
  • Sunshine only lost 2 pounds, which put her below the red line. She was very gracious, however.
I'm not sure when the next episode is, if next week is the finale or if it will be a few weeks out. If you know, please be sure to leave it in the comments.


Sara said...

Next week is the last episode before the finale. They all go home for 30 days and then go back and weigh in. Someone gains 2 lb. and Bob acquices (excuse my spelling) them of throwing it for them self..Or something like that. No clue who it is tho. Any ideas who would do something like that?

Joanie said...

Good synopsis, Amy!!

The previews showed someone (I'm guessing Michael) sabotages him/herself at the 30 day weigh-in.
He is the one who feels like he has no chance since he has so much more to lose than the others.

The finale is always so cool because while we're seeing each episode, they are all involved in their 90 days at home to complete the challenge on their own. The finale is always such a big surprise!

Janet said...

Based on the previews, I'm guessing next week will be a big retrospective of the 30 days at home, so-on and so-forth (i.e. one that could easily be missed).

If memory serves me right at the wiegh-in the top 2 make it to the finals, the bottom 2 will be voted on by "the people" to get the top 3 for the finale - which should (hopefully) be the next week.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Great synopsis as usual Miss Amy!

I was actually very touched by Michael's emotion last night. Surprised me a bit as I haven't been a huge Michael fan though he has grown on me bit by bit. Last night when he had his meltdown I was thinking ... maybe that's what I did ... I had gone so far ... lost 200 pounds ... but I still couldn't see the finish line because it was too far away. And that made me mad. So I dropped out of the race and now I am struggling to find my way back into it! I really hope he isn't the one who gains 2 pounds at home. I want to see him stay in the race. But he, and I, both need to realize that this one doesn't really have a finish line. The goal is health and that race takes a lifetime.

Still thinking!

Have you found your way to my new blog yet?

Michelle said...

You don't want to miss next week's because you get to vote (usually) on who is in the top 3.

I was annoyed by all the product placements in this one! My daughter (7) asked where the contestants' new clothes were-- they left the store without showing them shopping so I think she was confused!

I was doing the Biggest Loser Cardio Max and Power Sculpt DVDs and Erik was on them. I know what it feels like to gain back so much of what you worked so hard to keep off. I am working on it again myself.

Thanks for all you do, Amy. You ROCK!