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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Biggest Loser: Makeover Week!

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It's Makeover Week! Woohoo! I think this might be everyone's favorite episode because the changes are generally so dramatic.

Each player got $1,000 to spend on new clothes. Instead of shopping with a fashion guru, they got to go wherever they chose (or more likely to whichever store paid for the privelege) and select their own outfits.

Several of the players talked about a new reality shopping for clothes. Sam said he wasn't looking for any X's. Daris said he used to shop at the farm store for his jeans because he knew they would fit. Sunshine found herself too small for the plus-size store she and Ashley were shopping in.

I felt bad for Michael because he was still shopping in a big and tall store and obviously frustrated (or fusstrated, as he said) with that. Ashley was still wearing larger sizes, too, but she was upbeat about it, acknowledging that she was at midpoint in her journey.

(A quick sidebar: I had a similar "new reality" experience last weekend. Usually, when I shop I go straight to the plus-size department and choose from the limited selection offered there. But last weekend at Macy's, I shopped in the "regular" departments. While it was exciting, it was also overwhelming. Still, I'll take the size 14s I bought on Saturday over the size 20s I was busting out of last September any day.)

Once the shopping was finished, they all went to Jonathan Antin, who described himself as the "go to hair guy."

Anting gave same the "handsome version of the classic penitentiary look." And of all the guy contestants, Sam's facial hair actually looked good when he was finished.

As we all hoped, Daris got rid of the mop. He looked 30 pounds thinner with all that hair off! In fact, his hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love.

Michael looked so young, with the exception of the bald spot that was uncovered by the haircut. But I wish they would have shaved that nasty goatee. When he saw himself all put together, he said, "I fit in one mirror!"

Speaking of unflattering facial hair, Koli looked so studious, but please, that bit of hair under his his lower lip was giving me the creeps. And it looked like Johnathan Antin gave Koli Jonathan's own hairstyle.

Ashley and Sunshine, while I'm sure they enjoyed the experience, didn't look that much different. I wish they would have gone shorter with Sunny's hair and maybe put some other color in Ashley's.

After the makeovers were finished and each player was joined by family members, they all went to a small, intimate concert performed by Ashanti. That hot pink number Ashanti was wearing? Could she please put some more clothes on? The skirt was too short and the top looked like she was going to fall out of it.

Like all good things, the fun of the makeover had to end and it was time to get back to the ranch and back to work.

The challenge has Jacob's Ladders suspended over a pool. Before I could really focus on the challenge, I had to wonder what the heck happened to Daris' hair?! It was a big curly, moppy mess on top of his head. Dude, do not lose sight of the hair gel. It is a MUST!

Back to the challenge. The winner would get a 1 lb. advantage. The first player to fall in the water would get a 1 lb. disadvantage.

Ashley was the first to fall in, after only 3+ minutes of climbing the ladder. She was followed by Michael, then Sunshine. Then, unexpectedly (to me at least) Sam fell, which meant that Koli and Daris were left climbing. They went on for more than 2 hours! Ultimately at 2 hours, 30 minutes Daris gave in and Koli won the 1 lb. advantage.

Daris, Daris...if you cannot handle the use of hair gel, please just shave the rest of your head ASAP. Ewwww!

During the last chance workout, Ashley and Daris were the targets of Jillian and Bob. Ashley because she had to fight the 1 lb. disadvantage. Daris because Bob was trying to get him to dig into his mental strength, which Daris said was lacking when he gave up the ladder challenge.

At one point during the LCW, Ashley was running 9.0 mph. That it totally CRAZY! I was feeling triumphant running at 4.4 mph this morning. 9.0?! I might try it the next time at the gym just to see if I can do it without being spit out by the treadmill.

At the end of the weigh-in, it was Michael and Sam below the yellow line. They both pleaded their case. In the end, the vote was a tie, leaving the one with the lowest percentage of weight loss packing his bags. That was Sam.

Sam was the first person ever on The Biggest Loser to get to his goal wait while on the ranch. The transformation moment showed how he's moved to California -- and in with Stephanie!

So now there are only 5 players left. I wonder which one will be left out of the final four? Who do you think?


paula said...

Sam looked AMAZING! Well, they all did! Even my kids were shouting we were so excited! I never really got into the show so much as this year.

Michelle said...

What a great show!
I think that now there is a majority of the other "team"-- Michael, Darus, Ashley-- that either Kohli or Sunshine will be left out. Which is too bad, because I think they could really win.

Joanie said...

I'm glad Sam went home. Now it's all truly singles and Koli can concentrate on Koli and not be ready to sacrifice himself for Sam to still be there. It was time for Sam to go home.

Everyone looked wonderful at the makeover!

I have no idea who will go home next. Possibly Daris. He looks close to his goal weight.

I still like the contstants this year. It's refreshing to not have the meanness!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I only watched the first half hour or so- just the makeovers. Jeff and I hadn't watched the show since about week 3... we were already amazed at how great everyone looked! Then they did the makeovers and when they slid the mirror and there was that moment with family and friends... I just BAWLED.

AND AMY!!! SIZE 14!!! WOOT! I think that deserves more than just some little mention in the middle of a blog post about Biggest Loser!! Time for a before and after pic!! Brag on yourself, sister! Talk about what you are doing and the changes you are making! You can seriously inspire others!

Beth said...

You missed the "best line of the night" ~ Bob (when he saw Daris) "We've got Lyle Lovett in the house!" LOL! I'm with ya! Daris needs to keep a ready supply of hair gel! Would not have recognized him in his mirror moment but once the curls were back ... HELLO Daris! :)

I had trouble getting into this season at first but in the end it's been my favorite season. They have made it clear through to the end with minimal game play and staying focused on their weight loss goals! Even at the end I think they are more focused on getting to goal weight and maybe the pride of success than they are the financial rewards. Amazing!

As to who goes next? Maybe Sunshine? She annoys me more than the others so maybe that's wishful thinking. It could also be Daris who must be getting really close to goal weight.

CONGRATULATIONS on shopping in the Misses World! I wanna be there ... someday! :)

Joanne said...

Another congrats for a size 14 - YAY!!!

Makeover week was all I was waiting for with Daris and Mike - yes either get rid of the mop or invest in ever lasting hair gel.

Ok Sam and Stephanie - who saw that coming?? I remember when she went home she mentioned about being in love and I just guessed the new guy was camera shy - very cool. Biggest Loser has a better track record than the Bachelor.

Marine Wife said...

Congrats on getting down to a size 14! I saw your Star Wars pic and thought you look so good!

Daris could've gone shorter with the hair. I think he hides under his mop. Which is unfortunate b/c he's not bad looking now that he has a neck and some definition in his face.

Jenny McB said...

It's a tough one to pick the final four and I agree with the rest of the commenters, it's a much nicer season of folks on the show.