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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robbie's turn

I never really bought into the "baby of the family" psychology where parents talk about treating the youngest different because he or she is "the baby." That is until I had my own baby of the family.

I think there is something about trying to hold on to that bit of childlike innocence. And when you're parenting the first or second child (at least in my case), there's a sense of enjoying it, yes, but also a bit of getting through it. Wishing they were old enough to get dressed themselves or fix breakfast or take a shower.

But with the baby, there's a realization that this is IT. This is the last kid I'll get to read bedtime stories to. This is the last kid who will want to climb in my bed and cuddle up. And finally, I get that whole "baby of the family" thing and why it's so different.

Which of course, brings me to Robbie. In the past week, I've found myself just chuckling about him. One day last week was dress down day at school. Robbie was so excited, he picked out his own outfit, right down to the socks:


Then there was the day that I woke him up for school and he looked at me and said, "Mom, can you just snuggle with me?" Who could say no to that?!

When I tell Robbie to do something he doesn't want to do, like take the sheets off his bed or put away the silverware, he says "No thank you." At least he's polite about it.

Much of Robbie's time this week (well, every week!) has been taken up with Legos. Another morning this week, he said "Mom, I had a great dream. I dreamed a nice lion was helping me build a Lego castle!"

He got a Lego catalog in the mail and has "read" it at least 50 times. No joke. Every night at bedtime, that's what he wants to read. He takes it in the car in the mornings on the way to school and asks me to put it in the house when I get back home. And of course, he took it to "share" (show-n-tell) on Friday. As I type, he's downstairs working on building the Prince of Persia castle in the catalog out of the Legos he already has.

And lately his favorite thing has been to engage me in a "tickle fight!" I do most of the tickling, but we both laugh plenty.

I won't say that Robbie has me wrapped around his finger, just maybe a little bit curved.


Beth Zimmerman said...

What a cutie! Love his momma too! :)

Cyndy Bush said...

I was the baby of my family...and now I have already had the last of my babies...and I can tell you there's definitely a difference! Like you said, you want to stretch out that "baby" time when you know they're your last child.

Shelley said...

He's such a doll! He reminds me of my youngest nephew, who's only just a little bit older (and the middle child of his family.)

My "baby" will be fifteen next month....*sob!*

Sharon said...

Oh so sweet.
He's adorable. I think my Aidan would LOVE to play with him.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Zach is my baby and I definitely can already feel a lot of what you're talking about!

Robbie's a sweetie... you are blessed to have him!

Cat said...

What a sweetie- love the outfit!