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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Biggest Loser: It is finished.

You know life must be crazy when I tell you that I completely forgot that tonight was the finale of this season of The Biggest Loser. Have no fear, however, my trusty DVR got it all for me.

The final four were Koli, Daris, Ashley and Michael, with the latter two guaranteed to be in the running for the money and the title of "The Biggest Loser." America voted between Koli and Daris to determine who should be the 3rd to compete for the money.

Daris has a girlfriend -- and it's not Ashley as some folks speculated. Her name is Heather and she's very cute. Koli was rocking the pink pants and looking more like a fashionista than a football coach.

I loved the special effects that had the "new" contestants walking next to their old selves. The difference was remarkable.

The winner of America's vote was Daris, which left Koli still eligible to win the at-home $100,000 prize.

Before they began weighing this season's contestants, they brought back Shay who started last season weighing in at 476. After last season's finale, Subway offered her $1,000 for every pound she's lost to encourage her to keep moving toward her healthier self. At the end of last season, she weighed 304 pounds.

Her current weight last night was 252, a loss of an additional 52 pounds, earning her $52,000 from Subway. Her big ol' check was presented by Jared the Subway guy. The check was blank because Subway offered that if Shay could finish a marathon with Jared, they would double her earnings to $104,000. And of course to help her, they're giving her free Subway breakfast sandwiches and subs. Hey Shay, wanna meet for lunch?

After Shay weighed in, the moved on to bringing out the voted off contestants and weighing them in. To be honest, I fast forwarded through most of the stories -- just show me the scale. Unfortunately, I didn't catch everyone's percentage of weight loss, but I did get the total pounds lost which was phenomenal.

Cherita - From 277 to 186 (-91)
Victoria - From 358 to 222 (-136)
Sherry - From 218 to 119 (-99, 45.41%)
Maria - From 281 to 167 (-114, 40.57%)
Patty - From 243 to 170 (-73, 30.04%)
Stephanie - From 264 to 165 (-99)
James - From 485 to 357 (-128, 26.39%)
John - From 484 to 335 (-149, 30.79%)
Melissa - From 233 to 143 (-90, 38.63%)
Lance - From 365 to 237 (-128, 35.07%)
Migdalia - From 265 to 213 (-52, 19.62%)
Miggy - From 240 to 149 (-91, 37.92%)
O'Neal - From 389 to 230 (-159, 40.87%)
Sunshine - From 275 to 161 (-114, 41.45%)
Darrell - From 413 to 224 (-189, 45.76%)
Drea - From 298 to 214 (-84, 28.19%)
Cheryl - From 227 to 151 (-76, 33.48%)
Sam - From 372 to 230 (-142,
Koli - From 403 to 188 (-215, 53.35%)

Melissa looked buff and healthy. Miggy looked happy. O'Neal looked like a totally new man. Darrell looked amazing. Cheryl looked beautiful. Sam looked like a stripper dressed as a policeman. Then there was Koli in the pink pants...

Of course, as the winner of $100,000, I guess he can wear whatever color pants he wants to.

Then it was time to bring out the final three. Michael got to choose the order of the weigh in, so he put them in age order.

When Daris weighed in, there was no trace of the old, fat Daris to be seen. He went from 365 to 178 (-168, 48.55%).

Ashley looked amazing, but that dress was not the most flattering. However, she went from 374 to 191 (-183, 48.93%) and should be (and admitted she is) incredibly proud.

Finally, Michael - WOW! H-O-T. HOT! But that belt buckle. must. go.

BL-Finale Sn9

He very sweetly gave a rose to his mom, his "#1 inspiration and motivation." Amazingly, he went from 526 to 262 (-264, 50.19%) Did anyone else feel the sparks between Ashley and Michael? I'd like to see something happen between the two of them.

Ok -- my boss is hounding me to stop what I'm doing and pay attention to our meeting. The nerve...


Rebecca Jo said...

WHAT was that buckle? I was afraid!... but so happy for Michael! He was my favorite the whole season & didnt think he'd make it being the biggest guy (like Shay from her season).. I thought he & Ashley were the ones who had sparks.. LOVE to see that happen!

Everyone looked A-MAZ-ING!!! Miggy looked great with that hair cut! Darrell looked fantastic - & O'Neal was everyone's favorite, I think!

Love Finale night!!! Glad to see Koli win the money after not getting put in the finals... he wouldnt have won that anyways against Michael, right?

I think Stephanie was expecting a proposal from Sam during the show - oops!

Jessica McCoy said...

HAHA I love your description of everyone! Sam was definately wearing the wrong shirt... He's a hotty now but come on! What was up with those pink pants on Koli?!?! I've been wondering about Michael & Ashley since last weeks episode. They would be cute together. I'm a little worried though that Michael may not be in to girls?

Can't wait for next week's Losing It With Jillian!

Annie said...

I thought it was great, just finished watching it and had to come over to see what you thought. :) Micheal's belt buckle needs to go, Ashley's dress did not look good on her, but... I thought there were some sparks between them last week and now this week, too. But, like Jessica said, I'm not so sure he's into girls. Hmmm.... Great ending for all, I think!

Jenny McB said...

It wasn't until this morning that I figured out why Koli had such a strange reaction when he won the money. I think he knew that he them all beat.
I really liked this season and enjoyed how the game was played. Thank you for the updates.

Marine Wife said...

Yes, that buckle was AWFUL but Michael was totally rocking his inner Italian-American.

I didn't think he was into girls either which was why last week had me a little confused and then especially last night.

But glad he won. He deserved it. And I'm glad Daris beat out Koli for the final 3. He's a little hottie now, too.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Actually Rebecca Jo - Koli's % was just slightly higher than Michael's so he would have won. I sure hope he spends part of his $100,000 on fashion counseling! Or we could all unite and nominate him for What NOT to Wear!

LOL @ the Sam comment. I did wonder about that outfit. Never even considered the male stripper angle!

I don't know about Michael and Ashley. I thought so when they were on the ranch. Then last night I was back to thinking he may be too much of a mama's boy!

Coby said...

I'm only an occasional watcher of this show, but it's soooo inspiring! It's so neat to see the transformation.

Too bad I didn't watch more...I'm clueless as to the behind the scenes drama!

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the little giggly-poos between Michael and Ashley. Even my kids noticed. LOL. I bet there's something going on there.

LOL @ Sam looking like a stripper dressed as a cop.


Joanie said...

I loved finale night!

I wondered at Koli's reaction all night. He just wanted to get out of there. I didn't realize until just now that he would have won had America chosen him instead of Daris.
I thought Koli's outfit was awful!!

I was VERY happy that Michael won! I too thought he was a big mama's boy. And I didn't get any kind of a gay vibe until Tuesday night! I really thought there were major sparks between him and Ashley! Now.... maybe not!

Nearly everyone looked amazing! A few didn't do as well as some others, but they still lost (James, John, Andrea, Migdalia)

Can't wait for the next season! and this time I won't be eating Ben and Jerry's. I have a secret.... I've been doing Nutrisystem for the past 2+ weeks and I'm down 12 pounds!

Shelley said...

I think that both the belt buckle AND the white-soled shoes must go, but wow, he is a great-looking guy!

wendy said...

I thought Mike and Ashley were a couple

Michelle said...

It seems that everyone forgave Michael and moved on from when he totally messed with the game in the beginning and stacked Blue vs. Black teams. He did it to keep himself there as long as possible he said, remember? And it worked.
Then I was thinking about the episode when someone (Koli?) told Ashley not to trust someone (one of the girls) that maybe that person threw the weigh-in the week Ashley's mom went home. Was it Stephanie? And if so, how strange that she and Sam are together if Koli said that about her...

Those pink pants were HORRIBLE! and the belt buckle... ugh!

I think James & John need more help. I wish someone would do something to help them!

Go Shay! Can't wait to see her and Jared do the marathon!

Liked the Jennie-O commercial with Mike & Ron.

I missed seeing other past winners, like Ali, Michele, Helen and Matt. Whatever happened with the season 1 winner Ryan? It was cool to see how Eric is doing.

wendy said...

yea they thought stephanie was the person messing with the weight