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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The sisterhood of the numb butts

The last track meet of the season was tonight. The finals and relays of the CYO City Meet. It was held at the stadium on a college campus downtown. A very nice stadium with very tall, very hard, metal bleachers.

I sat on the bleachers for several hours chatting with the mothers of other runners from my kids' school. These are all women who I've known for a long time. Women I like, though not women that I speak to frequently or see socially.

But sitting on those bleachers, cheering on our school as our rear ends went a bit numb from being motionless on the metal for so long, I felt lucky to be part of the "sisterhood" of women. Our conversations ranged from supporting our husbands in their jobs, to how many balloons do we need for next week's 8th grade graduation reception, to book clubs, to why don't we all get together for drinks some night.

I love the men in my life (my boys, my husband, my father), but I wouldn't trade places with them for a minute. I love being part of this sisterhood of women and I'm grateful for the ways that those relationships -- even the ones that are played out on the hard metal bleachers at a track meet -- feed my soul.

So thanks Mary, Theresa, Patti and Cynthia for being my sisters tonight. Now, somebody schedule that girls' night out!

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And in honor of those women in our lives who let us pour our hearts out to them, I'm tagging this post with the Pour My Heart Out button. Click it to find more heart-felt posts from other bloggers.


Shell said...

I love hearing something positive about the sisterhood of women!

Thanks for linking up!

Cat said...

I always loved that about my work relationships- feeling like I was part of a girl's club and having girlfriends.

Sharon said...

Sounds so nice. :)