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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biggest Loser: It's BAAAACK!

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Tonight was the premiere of Season 7 of The Biggest Loser. As I said in a previous entry, I was really afraid it would be the Biggest Loser Freak Show. And in a few scenes, it was. But in general, it was not as bad as I'd feared. Here's my basic recap:

Bob's funniest comment: None of it means anything if you're going to sit there and eat ice cream while you're watching our show.

Jillian's funniest comment: Get PO'd 25 years of being a fat kid has got to make you angry.

Most endearing couple: Jerry and Estella (White Team). These two are the best love story the Biggest Loser has ever seen. Married for 42 years, the oldest players ever to make it on the show. They are grandparents, for crying out loud. How can you not love them?

Most annoying couple: The green team -- Laura and Tara. Evidently former models. Laura is too whiny and Tara too in your face.

Most interesting player histories: Ron of the Brown Team who had bariatric surgery and has gained all his weight back and Cathy of the Purple Team who is a recovering alcoholic.

Best comment by a player: "THIS is our Monday," said by Pink Team member Helen referring to all the times they said "we'll start our diet on Monday."

Player who most deserves to be whacked on the head with a frying pan: Blaine, for leaving his wife back at home not only with three kids, but also 8 months pregnant. Oh, he owes her some serious bling!

Player I'd most like to keep his shirt on: Ron. Sorry, that's probably really not nice, but how many surgeries has this guy had?

Worst moment of theatrics: Jerry collapsing in the gym. Looked a bit staged. Was that an unmarked ambulance?

Potential hookups: Tongo twins of the Blue Team (they are gonna be hotties!) with either the Green Team (annoying as they are) or the sisters of the Yellow Team

Product placements: #1: The Body Bugg. Hmmm...I might need that.
#2: Filter for Good bottle
#3: Brita water pitcher and faucet mounts

Thumbs up for charity: Pound for Pound challenge. For every pound America loses, TBL will donate 1 pound of groceries. Starting off donating 14,000 pounds for all of the pounds lost in the previous 6 seasons. Check it out here.

Biggest surprise of the night: NINE people going home! What the heck! Oh, that is WRONG man. Bring all those people there to do this together and then send 1/2 of them home? That is just WRONG! But there is a way back. The nine players are sent home for 30 days. If their tteammate is still at the ranch in 1 month, the player sent home gets to come back.

Most mixed realization: Given the crop of players on this season, I am not fat enough to be on the Biggest Loser. Which makes me happy and disappointed at the same time.

New songs to add to the iPod: "This is My Now" by Jordin Sparks, played at the beginning of the show. And "Courage is..." by The Strange Familiar, played at the end of the show.

Basic show stats:
  • 22 players to start
  • 13 players to finish
  • 3 product placements
  • 382 pounds lost
Tune in next week!


Joanie said...

Amy, Oh, I was hoping you'd post a TBL entry! I'm right with you on a lot of your assessment of the players.

I'm not crazy about the silver team... I think they just might be the trouble makers of this season. They were even arguing about who was going to stay and who was going! They certainly weren't acting like a team this week and it showed with being in last place.

Love the white team, I'm rooting for the orange guys, I like the red team. Lots of weepers this year too (or is that normnal on week 1? I missed the premiere last season).

Anyway, can't wait to "hear" what you think next week!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs, all of them, but especially the BL ones. The only thing I DISAGREED with was on the green team, I LIKE the "in your face" one. She is determined and while she was a bit rough on her teamate, I loved her arguing with Jillian that it was going to get easier and Jillian saying it would get harder... too funny!

Anonymous said...

I also blog about BL. I enjoyed reading your comments about the team members. I'd love it if you and your readers would also come check out my blog and vote my polls.
As a fellow BL blogger how do you feel about the changes made that make it harder to post comments at nbc and ivillage? I tried for 45 minutes and then quit trying.
I wondered why there weren't any comments cuz usually by then it would have been flooded with comments but I figured it out after seeing how hard it is to post now.
As someone that has lost a lot of weight recently I wanted to tell you that being too 'thin' to be on BL should be something you should be glad about- especially after the numbers we saw tonight :0)

Old Woman said...

Hey Amy - I came across your blog some time ago on iVillage and bookmarked you fav cause you make me laugh. May I have permission to add your link to my blog friends?

Amy said...

@Shannon -- You're right, that was funny! I forgot about that. Ok, maybe the green team is a little bit redeemed :)

@Old Woman -- I'd be flattered if you added my link. Glad you enjoy the 4th Frog.

Anonymous said... it wasn't just me. The product placement for the water bottle? I told my son, this looks like a friggin' commercial. Who goes to workout and doesn't bring their water bottle (well, unless you truly forget like I've done sometimes)? But seriously

I felt so sorry for the older guy who fainted. He's so cute. Cute little old man. ;)

Looking forward to next week's BL report.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You know this is the FIRST season that I LOVED ALL of the players!!!! Of course that may change. Last season I didn't like the wife on the brown? team (the first evicted) and I didn't think either way of Vicky! But by show end I loved the woman who was first evicted and strongly dislike Vicky.

I was so mad when I heard 9 of them were going home! These people really need this! They should have a least given them 2 weeks on the show before doing that. Anyone can do it for a week! Ugh!

Anyhow, I have a thought. Why don't you hold a biggest loser competition on your site? I am super motivated after seeing the show. I could help you with a button and endorsing it on my end. What do you think? These are just 1st thoughts about it. We can work on details later. So what are your thoughts?

Amy said...

@Shannon -- OMGosh! That's a fabulous idea! I'll catch up with you on FB to hash out the details!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh I almost forgot! I really REALLY believe that the man on the white team's passing out was real! I have seen quite a few fakers in my nursing career, that I am positive that that was real! If he's faking then he need a freakin Emmy or Oscar or whatever!

Joanie said...

Amy, I just saw this on my Comcast news page. Shannon from the Green Team got arrested!!! here's the story:

Talk about in your face!!! LOL