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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sour grapes, or blueberries as the case may be

If this post sounds like sour grapes, it is. The Indianapolis Colts just lost in the first round of the playoff to the San Diego Chargers. And can I say that just stinks! (I'd use some stronger language, but I know I have a few underage readers.)

First, can I just say that I want to break that freakin' Chargers' punter's freakin' leg? Yeah, I know, awesome night for him, but that makes me want to hurt him all the more...

Next, I am taking up a collection for Philip Rivers' diapers. He throws the ball to the ground just like a baby throws a rattle he doesn't want. I have NEVER seen a quarterback intentionally throw the ball away more than this baby-faced brat.

Then there's the coin toss at the start of overtime and the Colts call heads. Heads?! Hey, boys in blue -- haven't you ever heard "tails never fails?!" C'mon!

Shut up commentator who keeps saying "the best team won the game." How about those freakin' officials GAVE away the game? I'm sure tomorrow's paper will have a full listing of all the crappy calls. But I just know they did.

And talk about giving away the game -- THREE first downs on penalties? How hard is it not to hold a guy's shirt or grab his face mask? I mean aren't these guys paid MILLIONS of dollars not to do that? GRRRRRR!!!

I really should have taken my blood pressure medicine before this game. I can feel my heart pounding. Maybe it's a good thing -- for my health -- that the Colts' season is finished.

I'm sure in all the interviews Peyton and Tony Dungy will be good sports. But I'm not ready for that. Not yet.

So I'm just gonna leave with one final thought, a photo I'd like to title:

Winner or Not, I'm Still a Big Sissy!


Vicki aka Diva Mom said...

Wow... speaking of crybabies...

Does this mean the end of Peyton Manning commercials? Pleeese!


(Hey, my Redskins never even had a shot. At least your team made it to the postseason!)

Amy said...

@Vicki -- I know. I'm totally not proud of my behavior. And by tomorrow I'll be a better sport. Just had to get it out, you know? But you will notice that I took some of my Colts to task as well.

Anonymous said...

Since when did you become such a football fan? I was shocked to read all your fb I wasn't surprised to read your "firey" comments!

Sorry about the loss -- but just think, I'm sure Peyton is okay with it b/c he still gets paid a gazillion dollars!

Anonymous said...

I live in Denver and am a huge Broncos fan, so you don't need to talk about sour fruit and the Chargers with me. I was pullin' for the Colts and had them picked in my football pool, but I guess I should have known that the Chargers would continue to haunt me for a few more weeks. So, who are you going to cheer for now?
linjenals at yahoo dot com

Amy said...

@lindley -- I'll be cheering for anyone who plays against the Chargers!

Bargain Briana said...

I hear ya! I think if the officiating had been more FAIR the loss might have been easier to take..though, with all the calls against us, the Chargers should have beat us by way more.

Game sucked. I'm rooting for my second favorite team - the Giants. In the AFC, I'm not sure...Titans, San Diego, Pittsburgh and Baltimore? Wonderful! Go Steelers, I guess?

Kristi said...

I am with ya! I am still a little sour too. The only thing that saved me from being a total grump yesterday was that it was my daughter's birthday. Bad call after bad call plus stupid penalties cost us the game. Same story different year. Boo Chargers!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am not the only woman who gets worked up like this about football! (Though for me it's the Bears and I don't often blog about it!)