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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I need to get out more.


I have a doctor's appointment this morning, so I'm hanging out at home until it's time to leave. Which means I got to watch the Today Show. It's not as good with Meredith, but I still like it.

Anyway, this morning the Academy Awards nominees were announced during the show. Do you know that not only have I not seen any of the nominated films (except Wall-E, which was a total waste of my time), but I hadn't even heard of most of them.

I did recognize some names of actors that I like, namely Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep.

I think they should come up with the Academy Awards for People Who Need to Get Out More. Nominees would include:
  • Best film to watch while trying to stay awake and monitor the slumber party
  • Kids flick most easy to stomach
  • Movie most worth taking a sick day to stay home and watch without interruption
  • Best vintage film (for movies released more than 1 year ago)
What other categories would you include? And who would you nominate?


Eternal Lizdom said...

Best movie to watch during nap time or after bedtime that is best seen on DVD and frequently paused.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Most Watched Movie by kids that the parents eventually learn every line... and the winner is Shrek!!!

Lorie said...

Some of them are pretty obscure. The one that won best picture is one that I have wanted to see, but it isn't playing ANYWHERE! Now that it won it is going to be playing everywhere starting tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Best movie better left unopened in its original DVD cellophane packaging.


Anonymous said...

Best movie both men AND women can enjoy for a date night.

Amy said...

@Diane -- Dreamgirls. That was such a disappointment.

@Michelle -- Fever Pitch for sure.

@ Liz, still thinking...

How about the best movie when you just need a good cry: Steel Magnolias.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Not about movies...

Would you please let Mike know that there is something wrong with the comments feature on the Haiku blog? I was going to respond to today's post but when I click on the Comment thingee, no comment box ever appears.