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Sunday, January 11, 2009

This doesn't seem right...

...and other thoughts to start the week...

Every year after I take down my Christmas decorations, I put out a little snowman decor that will carry through until the Valentine hearts make their appearance. This year, however, my snowmen decorations just don't seem right in the downstairs bathroom.

In years past the snowy white guys fit nicely into my blue bathroom. But the bathroom is not blue anymore and the snowmen just seem out of place:

Triple snowmen

Snow sock

With all that sunny bright yellow, it seems as if my snowmen would melt in that room now.

In more NFL sadness, the New York Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles today, leaving the Manning brothers eligible for nothing more than the Oreos Double Stuff Racing League.

The Giants' loss was tempered slightly by the fact that the Chargers (the Colts' playoff nemesis) also lost. I don't love the Steelers, but I like them better than the Chargers.

We are facing a quandry in this house. Tuesday night is the next episode of The Biggest Loser -- and it's the first episode of the new American Idol season. Sorry kids, AI will have to be watched on DVR. Because I'm the mom, that's why.

If you're a fan of The Biggest Loser, be sure to check back here on Tuesday. Not only will I have my thoughts on Tuesday's episode, but I will be making a fun announcement as well.

Workout Frog

It's gonna be flippin' cold here this week. Please in the name of all things woolly, please let the kids' school principal cancel school on the day that the high temp is supposed to be 11 degrees.

Hope you all have a great week! I see you here later.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I'll have to DVR them both since I work until 10 pm tomorrow.

BTW...I emailed you the button and codes.

Joanie said...

Uh, Amy? I'm from Philly... so GO EAGLES!!!!! I'm just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep writing!

PS We have the same viewing habits! Both will be DVR'd here because we won't be home..

Oh and I say regarding the playoffs GO CARDS!!! (I really like Kurt Warner, after my beloved Bears and second favorite Colts, who are sadly NOT in the playoffs.)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I have to agree on the snowmen in the bathroom. The sunny yellow just doesn't work for those poor guys!! :(

Annie said...

Oh man, how will I chose?! Thank goodness for DVR!

I left you some bloggy love on my flying blog.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Okay I think I was a little confused when I said I was working til 10 for BL and AI! That was Monday! Are you ready???