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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Update

Long and slow's Friday night! The crazy busy work week is over and I've got about 48 hours to re-charge, despite the fact that I've got plenty on the to do list. But that will have to wait for tomorrow. Tonight, it's me, my laptop and TLC on the boob tube.

Thought I'd toss a few random selections out here:

Mom Rap
In case you missed my link to it earlier, Liz sent me the file to share her Mom Rap:

Over at her blog, Liz also has an alphabet game going on. She gave me the letter G. I'll be back later this week with my G post.

Quick craft
Annie over at Junior Mints and Reese's posted this adorable quick craft. I'm thinking it would be a great gift for my Annie to give her 'tween friends.


4th Frog's Biggest Loser Contest
So far, I have 8 people signed up for this great contest. If you're trying to lose weight, why not join us? The first weigh in is Tuesday. Click here for contest details.

If you need some extra motivation, check out this site that Shannon found. Upload a picture of yourself to and they'll show you what you'll look like after you've lost up to 50 pounds.

The only bummer is that it takes about 48 hours to get your pic back. Although learning to live with delayed gratification is probably a useful lesson for weight loss.

Have a terrific weekend...I intend to!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I got my pic back and man do I looks so much better 50 pounds lighter! They had my pic back in less than 24 hours! I sent it to you on Facebook so you could see it!

Anonymous said...

I've uploaded my picture...we'll see how it looks -- can't look any worse, right??

Also - did you ever notice that Liz looks a lot like Annie??