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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Biggest Loser: Goodbyes and curse words

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It's age discrimination, man! Say it ain't so! JERRY! Jerry! You're such a sweet old guy. I don't want you to go. Doggone it. I'm going to quit naming my favorite teams after the first show. It seems to be the kiss of death.

But did you see Jerry and Estella at the end of the show? Holy cow! I think AARP needs to sign them up as fitness spokespeople. Or Disney should invite them and all their grandkids to be Grand Marshalls in their parade. Or I don't know what else, but those two deserve more than two weeks on the show.

I understand why everyone chose to vote off Jerry over Daniel. I get it. But I love Jerry! I guess getting to stay at the ranch is small consolation for the humiliation Daniel must have felt to be have to be pushed and pulled up that mountain. But it was totally cool that he finished on his own.

(Was anyone else freaked out by how close they were teetering to the edge of that mountain?)

Let's talk trainers for one second. Jillian is a total nut job. I thought for sure Dane was going to blow out his knees when she had him lifting all those weights AND Blaine with his legs. Jillian is addicted to inflicting pain, I think.

And then Bob... Who knew he had it in him? I was laughing to watch him drop a squadron of F-bombs at Joelle. If Daniel could run 7 miles an hour, Joelle certainly could have kept up pace for 30 seconds.

(BTW -- Did anyone notice Bob's t-shirt in the gym? Pizza Bob's? A gym full of fat people who would kill for a pizza and that's the shirt he wears. Maybe Bob is not so emotionally sensitive after all.)

I hope tonight's weigh in was a wake up call to Joelle to close her mouth and open her mind to getting serious about losing weight. If she had gotten voted off, I'd be really afraid that Carla might do Joelle some serious physical harm -- right after she finishes pulling up the crotch on her workout pants!

Best quote of the night: From Joelle -- "I just beat the oldest and the heaviest. There's no glory in that."

4th Frog Biggest Loser Contest
Wishing you were at the Biggest Loser Ranch? Me, too! But since we're not, join me in the first ever 4th Frog Biggest Loser Contest. Rules and other points of interest are listed here. I promise, I won't wear a Pizza Bob's t-shirt.


Annie said...

I'm confused as to where to find your contest rules. One link takes me to "This doesn't look right", your snowmen in the yellow bathroom post. The button links to the post you just wrote about BL and Jerry leaving. Have I missed something?

Amy said...

Hey Annie -- Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the link.

Joanie said...

I'm telling you, if Joelle had been on the bottom 2, she'd have been gone!

I love Jerry too! But I understood why they were sending him home, or more importantly, why they were keeping Daneiel on the ranch. Daniel NEEDS to be there! And everyone was so upset by that decision!

Jerry and Estella look amazing!!! He's lost 84 lbs so far and he still has 3 months to go before the finale!

Joelle needs to go. She really does and her teammate is gonna kick her butt when she does!

The coaches reminded me of good cop/bad cop, only with their roles reversed! I wonder if it was planned?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I am so glad I wasn't drinking my tea when I just read "right after she finishes pulling up the crotch on her workout pants!" I would have surely had crystal light coming out my nostrils!

I soooo love Jerry! His wife is pretty cool too, but there is something about Jerry that makes me want to hug him! And we must choose the same favorites because mine usually go first, too! Remember Curtis and (oh shoot forgot his wife's name)? They were the brown team I believe a couple seasons back. They were my faves, and 1st to go! And now Jerry! Oh Jerry how hot you looked in that end of episode clip! I was in tears with his vote off and then cheering a moment later because HE DID IT!!!!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Hey- I found another blogger who is a BL fan! Check it out...

Old Woman said...

I was wishing that Joelle's sorry #&!@ was sent home packing so that we could watch Carla kick her butt when she showed up on the front door step. OMG - I wish I could have 1 day on the ranch.

Amy said...

@Liz -- Thanks! I"ll check her out.

@OldWoman -- Hey, it might not be the ranch, but why not join the 4th Frog Biggest Loser contest?

Anonymous said...

I didn't look at his shirt. That is totally insensitive!

I was so annoyed that Joelle almost took the $$!!!