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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The G Post


As I promised earlier, this is the G post. That's P-O-S-T. Not to be confused with the S-P-O-T for those of you who might be prone to dyslexia or reading trashy novels. This post is my entry into an Alphabet Game being played over at Eternal Lizdom.

My instructions were to name 10 things I like that start with G. So here goes, in no particular order:

1. Grover. He's like the blue-headed stepchild of Sesame Street. Not as popular as Elmo. Not as tall as Big Bird. Not as intriguing as Oscar. Not as controversial as Cookie Monster. His waiter sketches are my favorite.


2. Grandparents. I'm almost 38-1/2 years old and I still have 3 grandparents living. I know what an amazing blessing that is.

3. Gorgonzola. Yummy cheese that's fun to say.

4. Green liqueur. When I was in college, many of the girls in our sorority would go out to the bars after chapter meetings on Wednesday nights. It was at the Casba that I was introduced to the Midori Sour, a drink that tasted like liquid apple Jolly Rancher. I don't have it that often, but I like it enough to include it on my G list.


5. God. Probably says something about my faith life that God didn't make it to the list before number 5. But God IS good and so He made my list.

6. Gopher State. Do you know which state that is? High five to you if you said Minnesota. That's where I was born. I left when I was something like 6 weeks old and have never been back. Not even to the Mall of America. But the place still has a soft spot in my heart.

7. Girls. Not in that way. But I love getting together with the girls and, as Mike says, "clucking like a bunch of hens." Clucking over Midori sours is even better.

8. Geeks. Well, one geek in particular. I mean how can you not love a man whose browser this morning was opened to the Wikipedia entry for "the galactic timeline?"

I heart my geek.

9. Gridiron. As in football. Specifically NFL football. Mostly the Indianapolis Colts, even when they get eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. Friggin' Chargers. GRRRR!


10. Good night. Even night owls like me have to sleep once in a while. Given that it's approaching 1am, now seems like a good time to say good night.


Joanie said...

Great list! I love my geek too!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Looks like G was a great letter for you!!

I'd have to add Gouda as a great cheese with a fun to say name.

And Grover is one of my fave of the Sesame Crew.

And I love my own Geek.

And, and, and!!!