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Sunday, January 4, 2009



Well, it had to happen. The end of Christmas break. This was the first break I can recall where I exhibited total sloth-like tendencies.

The days before Christmas I was busy baking and wrapping. But after that, I -- the whole family, really -- existed in survival mode. Oh, I had a crazy-long list of things I wanted to accomplish over the break, including:
  • Re-organizing the pantry
  • Cleaning out the Tupperware cabinet
  • Re-arranging the baking cabinet
  • Cleaning out our storage room
  • Getting a jump start on some projects for work
But in reality, here's what I did:
  • Slept in almost every day (today I didn't get up until almost 11am -- and Mom, we went to the 12:30pm Mass)
  • Watched a lot of Food Network and TLC
  • Stayed in my pajamas until mid-afternoon (or later) on most days
  • Did minimal amounts of cooking, dishes and laundry -- enough to make sure we had clean underwear
  • Mailed my Christmas cards on January 4
We were supposed to bring a vegetable dish to a New Year's Eve party, so I bought something from the grocery store's deli counter, dumped it in a bowl and collected the praise for how good it was. Another friend had the girls over for an afternoon of visiting and chatting. I was supposed to bring a snack to share -- a bottle of wine counts as a snack, right? I was even a little slow about blogging.

Oh, yes, I have definitely been a sloth. And you know what? It felt GREAT! Now, I may play "Mommy's legs are broken" from time to time. But that's only for an hour or so at a time.

I'm talking I didn't do much of anything for days on end. And neither did the kids -- and they didn't complain. I think we were just all so burned out on running from one practice to game to appointment, that we all just needed a little time to cocoon.

But alas, tomorrow, it all ends. So today, we got out the backpacks and the folders. We trucked on over to the library to check out books on polar bears and sea lions for this month's book reports (I refuse to feel guilty for not doing this over break!). We laid out the clothes, except for the socks -- I really should blog about how much I hate socks. We checked the lunch menu and looked over the volleyball and basketball practice schedules for the week ahead.

I am definitely de-slothing. And by tomorrow morning at 6am when it's time to wake the kids, (or by 5am if I am to stick to my "I'm gonna get up and exercise" mantra), I will be back to my usual taszmanian devil self.


~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Woo-hoo! I'm glad you and the family were able to have a little down time and just relax!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Those are some of the BEST holidays. I wish we could have had days on end of nothingness. It doesn't work with my set (yet). But we did have a couple of all-day-pj days. You're right- you guys not only needed to recover from hectic schedules, but it sounds like the family needed to reconnect.

Anonymous said...

my holiday time off was very much the same. it was mostly ME time. sleeping in, going to the gym, stitching. that's pretty much it. we all need it sometimes. we tend to run ourselves ragged. :)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe we had the same experience! Except for work, right after the crazy Christmas schedule we just vegged out as a family. Now...We're back, well trying to get back into routine. It felt so good, didn't it?