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Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 FAIL

I try real hard not to come to this blog and whine very often. But, folks, go get some cheese because I'm bringing the whine.

So far, 2010 has been an abysmal year. Here's what we've been greeted with:
  1. I paid $160 for vaccinations and tests for a cat that wasn't even mine.
  2. Mike was downsized from his job.
  3. The cat that is mine required a $450 do-or-die surgery.
  4. Mike had a grand mal seizure, which earned him an ambulance ride to the hospital.
  5. The garbage disposal broke and is still waiting to be replaced.
  6. The something something having to do with the brakes on my car went out (another $450).
  7. Mike's unemployment claim was denied due to a calculation error on the part of the unemployment office (still trying to straighten that out, but have been delayed by #9, 11).
  8. Annie fractured her foot and had to miss the rest of the volleyball season.
  9. Mike hurt his knee playing racquetball.
  10. Mike's injury landed us in the emergency room twice, both times to rule out a blood clot.
  11. An MRI showed a large pocket of fluid in Mike's thigh.
  12. The attempt to drain the thigh was unsuccessful and we're waiting, as I type, for them to come get Mike for surgery to slice open the leg, clean out the fluid and probable infection and flush it with antibiotics.
Plan A for the surgery is that the doc opens up Mike's leg, scoops out all the fluid, flushes the leg with antibiotics and then then keep him overnight on IV antibiotics. I'm not even going to say what Plan B is because I don't even want to entertain the possibility and if I say it (or type it) out loud, the universe might mistake that for a wish and it will come true.

I know that once I hit the "publish post" button, I'll think of all the good things that have happened this year. Maybe I'll even do a counter post later. But I can't right now because I'm in the middle of my little pity party.


varangianguard said...

Hang in there!

I'd insert some cutesy JPG if I knew how, or was able to.

Joanne said...

You know Amy we are allowed these Pity Parties every once in a while and it sounds like you have a lot to whine about. Definitely in the grand scheme its not horrible but darn it all its a lot and all in a short space of time.

As I have whined I am losing my position, not my job so of course people won't let me whine too much. Its just upsetting but this is your pity party - I had mine earlier on my own blog.

Maria said...

Definitely hang in there. You have a right to b&%*h! It's only the beginning of March and all that has happened already.....

I'll say can only get better from here!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

((hugs)). sorry to hear this year's been pretty rough on you. i will keep you and your family in my prayers.

toronto, ON

kimybeee said...

absolutely nothing wrong with counting your grievances occassionally, and you have many valid ones. what is most important is that you know that you have plenty of blessings to count too.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh Amy! You're definitely allowed to express grief and frustration and even anger! We understand and so does God! The trick is to throw your little tantrum and then get up and choose to focus on the positives rather than opting to dwell among the negatives! You can do it! Most of the time you are plumb running over with good cheer and humor! In the meantime we will support you... and Mike ... and the doctors (and the checkbook, cars and cats even) in prayer!

You are loved girlie! :)

Beth said...

It can only get better from here, right?

Keep your chin up.

Cat said...

Everyone's allowed to feel like crap sometimes, especially with a run of bad luck like that. ((hugs))

Traci said...

With a start to the year like that you are allowed a little whine (and wine, for that matter!). Here's a thought... April 1st used to be the start of the new year. I think you should embrace that and reboot your year. In the mean, I wish only health and safety. Here's to a much better 2010!!!

Also, thanks for stopping by to see me.

Momza said...

O Amy,
You are right, 2010 has started off in Pukeville! O my goodness!
Let's hope that things starts turning around ASAP!!
Hugs to you and your whole family and prayers for a speedy recovery for Mike and your daughter!

Sharon said...

In spite of all this, you have still lost a lot of weight and made yourself healthier. I think that is so amazing, because in times of high stress, I turn to big time emotional eating. (gained 5.5 pounds over the last 2 weeks, sigh)

It sure seems you've been given more than your fair share. Prayers for you all.