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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new attitude

Have you ever done something and then later been embarrassed by your behavior? That's how I'm feeling about my "2010 FAIL" post (so emarrassed that I won't link to it here).

Of course, we are wholly blessed. Have we hit some bumps in the road, lately? Yep.

But mostly, I can look at my life and see people who not only love me and my family, but who readily step up to help when we need it. I'm sitting in a house that keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with a fridge and pantry that (most of the times) has plenty of food to offer. I have a job that I enjoy, co-workers who are fun and a boss who understands.

Friends -- both in real life and cyber -- have offered shoulders to cry on, help with the kids, and even to take me out for a much-needed drink. I'm coming to the tail end of an amazing experience in the Better U heart healthy makeover. I have three great kids who make me laugh on a daily basis. I have a husband who loves me, even in my most unlovable moments (most of the time).

And thanks to a friend who sent me this link, I am reminded that I have a God who does not ask me to carry all the crappiness of late by myself, who is just waiting for me to open my mouth and heart and say "help."

(On a practical note: Mike's 2nd surgery should take place sometime in the early afternoon today. Please keep him in your prayers.

And if you came here looking for the Biggest Loser wrap up, sorry, in all the craziness I totally forgot the show was on. But Cheryl (mom to Daris) went home.)


Cat said...

Everyone gets down sometimes, and it's OK. But glad you're seeing the more positive side of things- that's always a good place to get back to!

Joanie said...

You have had quite a time of it lately (as had your family). Hang in there!!! I hope Mike's surgery goes well today.

Eternal Lizdom said...

We all have itmes when we need to process through the crap in our lives. You've been hit with a lot lately. Just because we have blessings, that doesn't mean the bad stuff doesn't suck.

And if you can't turn to your blog and your bloggy friends with the crap and unload it... shoot, that's what we are here for!! I'm not looking for sunshine and roses, lady!

Sharon said...

Don't be embarrassed.

As a pessimist in my nature, I've learned all too often that getting all down and first seeing the not-so-good can later offer that boost that enables us to see the good. Sure, we may see the bad first, but the point is that we get around to seeing the good.
You know you are blessed and will get through it.
Venting is OK and necessary. Do it ANY time!

Survivormama said...

I too tend to be a pessimist...but I work on it regularly...don't beat yourself's all relative...and yes God is so good to carry our burdens if only we would lay them at His feet!

Jesse said...
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