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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Biggest Loser: It's back with Blue v. Black

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Remember where we left off? Biggest Loser: Olympic Style

Darrell lost the challenge against Cheryl, holding a squat while balancing a torch on his head for just under 10 minutes. He has nothing to be ashamed of though; he lost 75 pounds in six weeks.

This week the contestants broke out of pairs into Blue vs. Black teams. The person who got to divide the teams was the winner of a food temptation. Only Drea and Michael decided to play. The game was set up like the old fashioned Memory game. The person who found two matching golden tickets would have the power.

If they selected two spaces that weren't a match, they would have to eat a cookie. I could see a lot of cookies in their future! Make a match of the snack foods -- some healthy, some crappy -- and the other person had to eat it and would lose a turn.

Both Michael and Drea start feeling sick from all the sugar and fat. When Drea handed Michael a blueberry muffin, he semi-jokingly said "I'm going to throw up on you." After a bit, Michael was getting the meat sweats (what movie is that from?), only this time it was the treat sweats.

Finally, after eating 2,310 calories worth of snacks, Michael found the two matching golden tickets, winning the right to make the teams, plus the chance to give one person immunity.

The teams were divided into 6 and 6, with one person given immunity. Next week, the person with immunity will join the team that loses a player at the weigh in.

So here is how Michael divided the players (former colors in parenthesis):

Black - Jillian
Sam (grey)
Cheryl (orange)
Drea (black)
Stephanie (purple)
Sherry (pink)
Ashley (pink)

Blue - Bob
Koli (grey)
Daris (orange)
Lance (red)
Miggy (green)
Sunshine (yellow)
Michael (white)

Michael gave immunity to O'Neal (yellow) and took the guaranteed spot on the Bob's Blue team. That insured he would be on the team he wanted. If he had taken immunity for himself, his fate would have fallen to whichever team lost the weigh in.

Once the teams were divided, Bob and Jillian came in and Jillian freaked out at how badly Michael stacked the Blue team. I really wanted the Black team to show up the Blue team on the scale. Bob tried to warn the Blue team not to get complacent and think they have the weigh in won already.

Michael kept saying he finally put himself first. Maybe it's a wrong assumption on my part, but a 30-something single man who still lives with mom and dad? My guess is that he's put first a lot.

Once the teams were divided, Ashley and Stephanie started talking about forming alliances.

The first Blue v. Black challenge took place off campus. They had to lift their teams banner from the ground to the top of a building -- standing on the roof. No flipping way. I would have sat down on the sidewalk right then and there.

The Blue team got off to an early lead, but the Black team pulled steadily in unison and stayed close behind. Every time the teams leaned back to pull the banner, I got the heebee jeebees, thinking that someone was going to fall of the side of the building.

Ultimately, Blue team won the challenge and the opportunity to read letters from home. Sam, on the losing Black team, had the best reaction:

"We're not here to get letters. We're here to lose weight. If we want letters, we can go to work for the post office."

Last chance work out -- Black team really kicked butt, but will it be enough?

Weigh in:

Blue Team: Total Lost - 48 pounds or 2.7%
Michael: -15 which means he set a new BL record: 109 pounds in 7 weeks
Sunshine: -7
Lance: -5 He'd hoped to get out of the 300's, but stopped right at 300.
Miggy: -4
Daris: -7
Koli: -10

So the Black Team needed to lose more than 39 pounds.
Drea: -5
Cheryl: -4
Sherry: -6
Sam: -8
Stephanie: -8
Ashley: -10!

The Black Team beat the Blue Team on the scale! Woohoo! 41 pounds or 2.82%. I'm not sure I have an opinion about which team I like better, but I was happy to see the underdogs win.

So the Blue Team went to the elimination room. I'm worried Sunshine would be sent home, but it was wasted worry. The votes all were cast for either Lance or Miggy.

I wish you all could sit with my husband during the weigh in. "Oh, he voted for Lance, but it's ok because he wrote 'sorry' with a little sad face." It just makes me giggle.

In the end, Miggy was voted off the ranch. Even though Lance had the lowest percentage of weight loss, his ability to win challenges saved him. In the transformation moment, Miggy said she's learned to meditate to help release her negative energy and she really did look much happier. She was down to 170 something.

They also showed Darrell's transformation. He's lost a total of 120 pounds, weighing in at just under 300 pounds.

Next week, I'm sure the Blue team will be gunning to get back at the Black team. Should make for good TV!


paula said...

I was rooting for the underdogs too. It wasn't because I cared for the black team more but like you...gotta love the come from behind attitude. I just really love the cousins!

Davo said...

Thanks again for awesome coverage; I always come here to read your write-ups cause I don't get TV where I'm at (and only miss BL to be honest)

Jenny McB said...

Whenever I watch this show, I have a voice in my head that keeps repeating...editing, editing. I don't think we ever really get the real story/action. But I enjoyed the editing last night, loved his response to Jillian about it being a game. It's easy to get lulled into the feel good weight loss aspect, but really, it's a game and a show first and Michael made that clear. It was enjoyable. Everyone still lost weight, and it will be interesting to see if his strategy works in the long run. (My bet is probably not)

Rebecca Jo said...

So glad you reviewed it... I got to watch the beginning of it & missed the end...

CANT BELIEVE BLACK WON!!!! That's cool!!!

Joanne said...

Yes Black winning was awesome. I get so angry that they make them do such horrible temptations - isn't this about teaching people to eat right? What would have happened had no one wanted to play??
Thank you for nailing Michael's life - "putting himself first" more like first time he has ever had to do anything for himself - Italian Prince (I work with one of those and he is HUGE too)

Michelle said...

"Meat Sweats" -- I remembered that but couldn't place it either. So I searched for it on Swagbucks and came across a few references to John Candy saying it in "The Great Outdoors" when referring to eating a steak.

I also always look forward to reading what you write about it, even though I DO watch it too!s