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Sunday, March 7, 2010


I did it! I fixed it all by myself (with a little bit -- ok, a lot of bit) of help from searching the Blogger Help forums. It was something in the Friday Frags post that made everything go wonky. So I removed the formatting from that post -- haven't looked, probably a total mess on that post right now -- and repasted in all the xml code that I'd saved before.

Woohoo! I feel so smart!


Mrs4444 said...

That is a a great feeling. I'm glad.

FYI, roasting Starbursts is a little sleepover tradition that Kendall started. They gather round a table, each with a tealight candle and a Starburst on a toothpick. Then, they hover the Startburst over the flame until it is just the right meltiness. Apparently, it is a delicacy!haha

Mike Magan said...

wonky?! is that even a real word?? haha wooowww mommy. but im surprised! good job! last time u tried to fix something that had o do with technology you broke it!!! lol god job mom

Eternal Lizdom said...

Wonky is an AWESOME word. Personally, I use it often.

Yay for fixing it!!!