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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Son of a gun!

I just opened my blog and everything was fixed. I had replaced all the xml with a copy of the code that I'd have saved on my laptop (thanks for the suggestion, Liz.) The replacement didn't work, or so I thought. But then I logged back on after a few hours, it was fixed and I came here to post that maybe I did know what I was doing. But now it's wacky again.

Beth and Ellemes -- it looks normal? Does it look ok to any one else? What I'm seeing is that the right hand column is missing and is mushed into the left.

I've tried viewing it as a guest, logged in, on Safari, Firefox and Chrome and it's the same thing. Arrrgh!

Gonna have to try to do something with it tomorrow. Hot date tonight.


Momza said...

yup. it is wonky...smushed up...outta whack...messed up. but you're not.
peace out. lol

Unknown said...

yep, its smushed. I had a problem with my blog last week and the tech guy cleaned it up for me. He said I must have copied an xtml code in from somewhere and he erased it. good luck!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Nothing smushed for me- but I see nothing in the right sidebar. Gah!

What about your blog designer? Can they help?

Nancy said...

I don't see anything on the right side either. Hope you can get it fixed.

Hope the hot date was fun!