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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recipe for a great night

3 girlfriends
5 Coronas
1 bowl of queso dip
1 bowl of guacamole
2 baskets of chips
36" television broadcasting a Sweet 16 game
1 dozen bar-bound basketball fans

Stir up a conversation among the girlfriends about friends, work, kids, sex and faith. Add in a few colorful expletives shouted toward the basketball game on TV (mea culpa senor to the waiter). Top with 5th-seeded Butler Bulldog team upsetting 1st seed Syracuse.

Shall we do it again on Saturday?


Beth said...

Sounds like a great night!!!

Sharon said...

It sounds perfect. I'm jealous. ;) Glad you had a great time!!!

Kathleen said...

What makes a Butler victory even sweeter? Sharing it with good friends! That's what we've been doing for every game, and so far it's working! :) Go Bulldogs!

Cat said...

That was a great upset- I hate 'Cuse.