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Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's my fault...

I should have asked more often, "Do you have homework over Spring Break?"

I should have been more persistent when the response was "No."

Because, and you know where this is going, at precisely 9:15pm, 45 minutes after he should have been in bed, Charlie comes up with "Mom, I haven't picked out a science experiment yet!"


How about if a mother's head explodes 3.5 seconds after hearing "Mom, I haven't picked out a science experiment yet," what is the trajectory of the gray matter spewing from what used to be her skull?

Or how many deep breaths does a parental unit have to take before deciding not to beat her offspring about the head and shoulders with the three pair of stinky sweatsocks she just pulled from said offspring's backpack?

Of course, all of that is hypothetical. Instead, I said, through gritted teeth and bitten tongue, "Do you have any idea of what kind of experiment you want to do? Something with food? Or plants? Or dirt? Or balls?"

"Yeah," said the offender. "I want to do something that will make me look really smart."

Hmmm...well, a good start on that would have been to do come up with an idea at the beginning of Spring Break.


Sharon said...

I don't look forward to this experience, but I know it's coming.
I'm impressed w/ your reaction/response. Mine would have been much more red-faced & louder, unpleasant. Good for you.

Annie said...

Oooh...not good! Good reaction, though. I don't think I would have been as calm.

Eternal Lizdom said...


Amy said...

In the light of day, I should say that he only had to have an idea, not a whole experiment finished. But it still irked me!

I ended up making a list of 5 ideas and this morning he chose "What effect does heat and cold have on popcorn kernels?"

adraider21 said...

Haha! That sounds like Brayden and I! Also, how much is it to "upload" different backgrounds and upgrade your blog like yours? Is there a website I can go to so I can recieve more info? Thanx!

Amy said...

Alayna -- There are lots of free templates you can use to decorate your blog. The next time you come over I can help you. Annie might be able to help too.

Momza said...

I hate it!!!!!!