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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scenes from the ER

Our visit to Mike's orthopedic surgeon yesterday earned us a "Do Not Pass Go. Cough up $200. Go Directly to the Emergency Room" pass.

The good news is that Mike's x-rays at the ortho's office looked good. No damage to all the doc's hard work last November. But beyond that, the surgeon was stumped. He said this is clearly not an orthopedic issue. So he stepped out of the exam room to call Mike's family doctor, whom Mike had seen a week prior.

After some back and forth discussion in which the ortho guy said "No, this is not a pulled muscle" (yes, I was listening with my ear pressed against the door), the two docs decided the best option was to send us to the Emergency Room.

Maybe it's the journalist in me, or perhaps the irreverant and could-be-more-supportive wife, but I snapped a few pics along the way:

ER entrance

This is not the most reassuring quote to have
at the entrance to the Emergency Room.

Create your own humor

He didn't think it was so funny, but I thought the fact
they put Mike in an OB/GYN room was worth a giggle.

(Don't worry, he does have skivvies on under that gown, so no use trying to enlarge the pic for a better view.)

Once we were settled into the room, we were greeted by a doctor who obviously had left his bedside manner at home. He was pretty hostile about the fact that the ortho doc had sent us to the ER when Mike had a normal ultrasound just two days prior. Every time I opened my mouth to say something, he practically ran right over me with his own excuse as to why that wouldn't work or why what I was saying didn't make sense.

As they wheeled Mike away for another ultrasound and some other specialized scan, I took out my frustrations about the doc on Facebook. (Thanks to those of you who offered suggestions and support.)

Then I checked my work e-mail, only to find out that my boss had left for the day to tend to one of her family members who was in an Emergency Room a few hours away.

I hit "reply all" and responded "I'm in the ER right now too, with Mike and a very large prick of a doctor."

Soon enough Mike came back. Good news: no blood clot. Bad news: no confirmation of what it is that is causing so much pain and swelling his leg up like a blowfish. Just a prescription for pain meds, instructions to ice and elevate and check back with the doctor in a few days.

Back at home, I checked my e-mail again to see that my "reply all" to my boss had also gone to her boss -- the Provost of the university!

We may be headed back to the ER...this time to remove my foot from my mouth.


varangianguard said...

Guess it's too late to caution you about hitting Reply All in haste?

An upskirt photo of your husband. You're kin of a kinky little froggie, lol. Now, your husband will be appalled that "upskirt" was used in a sentence describing him. ROFLMAO.

Not vascular, not skeletal, not the ligaments. Maybe your hubby has developed one of those "hollow legs" we sometimes hear about, and he's just filling it up? Or, maybe not.

Seriously, did they check for infection (blood sample)?
His (affected) leg skin discolored, or shiny? Bumps?
Take any new (oral) medications for his knee recently?
Had any shots to that knee recently?

Except for playing racquetball that day, was there anything else he did, or took, or ate that was new/different from what he had been doing previously?

Should have been a detective, shouldn't I?

Rebecca Jo said...

Ouch... removing foot from mouth is always tough... believe me, I've done it enough to know! :(

That pic with him in the OB/GYN room is pretty funny

ruth holladay said...

I am glad to get an update and trusting, for now, that "time heals all wounds," including bum legs and insult to the male's oft-fragile sense of dignity/ego. Mike is a good sport; sure you will look back on this with laughter one day soon.
In the meantime, v has some good insights...
And thank goodness you have a sense of humor, too. I'll tell you my story sometime of the Star message that went to EVERYONE, including Mr. Pulliam...and including a question about sex....

kimybeee said...


At least Mike wasn't in the stirrups!! ha ha

Mike has to have something wrong - did they draw labs to check white counts???

Annie said...

get your mind out of the gutter mom. im ot trying to be funny. tht was seriously gross about the whole enlarging the pic thing? um yeah ew.

Cat said...

Reply all is a dangerous, dangerous weapon. Sorry about the hubby, keep us posted!

Mrs4444 said...

Oh, that's funny (the email). I'm sure the provost understood; E.R.'s are not fun. That would be my story, and I'd stick to it! haha