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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Biggest Loser: Burritos, sweat and tears

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In the beginning of the show tonight, they showed a clip where Filipe flipped out. I've never seen that before and wonder when that happened. Did I miss an episode?

Cooking Challenge
The first challenge of the night was Food Network meets Biggest Loser. Celebrity chef Roco Dispirito told the gang how much fat, calories and sodium are in popular fast food items -- a triple cheeseburger (which thankfully, I've never eaten), a burrito and pizza. Then the teams had 30 minutes to create lighter versions of the foods that still tasted good.

Mandi may irritate me with her crying, but I can always count on her to say something funny. Tonight she said, "Having 11 fat people in a small little kitchen doesn't exactly go very well." That made me laugh.

While the black team was enjoying their victory meal prepared by Chef Rocco (the key to the win was the low fat, lo-cal bison burger), the blue team went shadow boxing with Sugar Ray Leonard. Now that looks like something I might actually enjoy, though it looked kind of slow -- which is probably why I liked it!

Food Bank Challenge
The teams had to pack 150 meal kits, push them through the warehouse and load them on trucks. First team to finish would win free food for a year from General Mills! Woohoo! I hoped the black team's decision to sit Laura out, instead of Sione who had a bum ankle, wouldn't come back to bite them in the cellulite.

After being way ahead, the black team lost the advantage. It was definitely gonna be a close one. Ron (blue team) looked cool as he was loading, compared to Helen (black team) who looked frantic. I was really rooting for the blue team -- Aubrey (blue team) has 5 kids, so she got my "free groceries" vote.

Black team won the challenge...again.Though my vote didn't count, it didn't matter because Mike, who is a college student, gave his free groceries to Aubrey. That was cool.

Last Chance Workout
The last chance workout was a tale of two criers -- Laura and Mandi. Once again, Mandi was crying -- "what if I work this hard and I still go home?" Bob was a lot more patient than I would have been.

Jillian was harsh...right, but harsh... to Laura that people think she's weak because she acts like she is. The Psych 101 with Jillian drug on for a little too long, but I think it probably resonated with lots of viewers at home.

For the first time in all the years I've been watching the show I found myself wondering if the gym smells bad.

77-pound Weigh In
If the teams combined lost at least 77 pounds, no one would be sent home and the show would donate 7,700 pounds of food to a national food pantry network. But if they didn't make 77, one person from each team would be sent home. Cathy and Sione each only lost 3 pounds. Allison really sounded like Cathy was letting the whole team down. I've never heard any judgement in Allison's voice before tonight.

It came down to Mike. If he didn't lose at least 10 pounds, two people would reach the end of their Biggest Loser journey. So Mike, stepped up on the scale and.......

to be continued! GRRRRR! They're not going to show the results until next week. It was bad enough last week where they split the show between Tuesday and Wednesday nights. But a whole week? I might have to rewind the recording and watch it slowly for cues as to what kind of number Mike put up.

Anyone care to venture a guess?


Anonymous said...

Here's my question...they said they have to lose 1 pound per day which is obviously 7 pounds for each of them...making the 77 pound total...did they say more than 77 pounds? Because they have 68 now so that would mean Mike only has to have lost more than 8 pounds to hit 77 exactly. That would be a minimum 9 pound loss, not 10. What am I not seeing here?

Joanie said...

Felipe flipping out will happen next week. They showed it again at the end of the show.

The black team really knows how to rub it in when they win a challenge. I always feel bad for the blue team when that happens.

How in the world is Laura pulling these numbers when she doesn't give 100% like most of the others?? She's my newest person to gripe about.

Mike is my new favorite kid in the world for giving Aubrey his food for a year award. And Ron was so proud of him for doing that! Big hugs to Mike!

Sugar Ray still looks hot after all these years!

My daughter kept saying, "Mom, they lost enough weight. It's 9:55. No time for voting." So imagine our surprise when the screen went black and "to be continued" came up on the screen! I wanted to SCREAM!!!!
So we wait.

I like when they show the before and after pictures during weigh-ins. I don't think you really SEE the weight loss from week to week until they show the before pictures. Amazing!

So I think I still like Kristin and Kathy. I flip flop back and forth if I like Tara and I know I don't like Laura.

One thing for certain, we WILL be seeing game play from now on!

Joanie said...

I thought it was 77 pounds MINIMUM total until Allison said Mike had to lose MORE THAN 9 pounds!
If anyone taped it, maybe he or she can review the beginning of the challenge and see (hear?) what Allison said.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

First... Filipe is supposed to spaz out on the next episode. They were just showing what the next half of this season has in store.

And my oldest son, Jeremy, started calculating our grocery bill (with 5 kids) for an entire year when they talked about it. We easily spend $700-800 a month and that doesn't count the odds and ends we go back for or the cost of eating out.

I was ticked about the to be continued too... After all my DVR didn't even recognize the second half of last week's episode and I never got to see it. Not even their website has the second half posted yet!!! Argh!

Yay for Mike giving away his food for a year, but I can't help but to wonder if some of that is gameplay, too! That boy is planning for when they are no longer teams! He is a smart cookie!!! His daddy's nodding in approval to me looked like he knew too and of course was not only proud of his boy for "thinking of others," but was proud of his gameplay!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if the decision to give Aubrey the groceries was a bit of gameplay as well. I still want to know why Aubrey did not vote for Ron last week???

Anywho... crazy on the to be continued...


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Joanie and Anonymous,

I have a DVR and replayed this several times to get my quotes exact. The VERY first thing Alison said was "If you lost a pound a day for the last week, all of you are guaranteed one more week on campus." Then, she followed it with saying, "There are 11 people playing here tonight, that means all of you have to have lost a combined total of MORE than 77 pounds." and then reiterated, "But if you come in at 77 pounds or below, one person from each team will be going home tonight." So yep, Mike has to lose a minimum of 10 pounds! 9 pounds and lower and 2 people are going home!

Joanie said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Shannon.

I never even thought of game play when Mike gave away his food. I thought he was just being nice. I guess I take too much at face value.

Sara said...

Hello, I've been reading for a while now, and I have to comment on last nites show. I have a theory..Probably not correct but what the hey. My theory is that Mike does not lose the required 10 lbs. Because if he didn't they would be sending two people home in one nite and that would throw the weeks off. Does that make any sense? So by to be continueing the show they make up for the double elimination.
By the way I enjoy reading your opinions on the show. I write my husband a letter every Tuesday tell him the best I can what happened in the show. Its nice to come here and see you have viewed it the same way!! Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Was anyone else annoyed by Allison's cleavage-showing outfit? Okay, we know you're pregnant and your boobs are bigger but we don't need a "peek" at them! Seriously!

And I was annoyed at their "more than 77 lbs" when clearly at the beginning they said a pound a day.

I really liked the challenge.

Anonymous said...

What I found refreshing from last year,was the cheerfulness when the black team was eating,the blue team doing dishes. The water spraying. Wouldn't have seen that last year.