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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bits & pieces

Just a few minutes before the Biggest Loser starts, but I wanted to put a few things out there.

Energizing reminder
I received the Energizer batteries in the mail today. If you want a shot at winning them, be sure to check out this post and leave me a comment about someone you know who keeps on going, and going, and going...

Tongue Thai'd
I went to lunch with some co-workers today and I had Thai food for the first time ever. It was delish! Not sure what the soup was, but it had a nice little kick without being overpowering. Then I tried the classic Pad Thai with chicken for the entree. The bean sprouts and chopped peanuts gave the perfect crunch. I washed it all down with green tea. I felt so cosmopolitan, this Midwestern girl diving into such international cuisine.

Throwing up my hands
Charlie informed me at 4:30pm that he has a social studies test tomorrow. I'm sure he knew about it before today, but did he tell me? No. Did he have it written in his assignment notebook before today? No. Did he know exactly what material the test would cover? No. So I spent quite likely not enough time drilling words and concepts like consumer, producer, raw materials and human resources into his head. I give up. This child cannot keep track of his school calendar and responsibilities to save his life. Is third grade too young for military school?

Remember all those yummy Peeps that Joanie sent to me? Remember how I shared two boxes with my kids and was saving the rest for Easter? Yeah, forget about that.


Joanie said...

But those Peeps were yummy, weren't they! Did you let them sit out and get stale first? That's the best way to eat Peeps!
And who ended up with the Peeps stuffed chick?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

My best friend in high school was 1/2 Thai. Her name is Chailai and it means "love." Anyhow, her mom used to make some awesome meals! I wish I had gotten a few recipes from her back then!

Candy can never be saved here either!

Unknown said...

The soup was probably Thom Yum soup which is a spicy lemongrass soup. I love it! I usually order a large bowl with shrimp. I love the combination of spice with the lemongrass.