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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biggest Loser made me feel...

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Tonight watching the Biggest Loser, I felt:

SHOCKED... to see those first weigh in clips vs. what the contestants look like now. I barely recognized Tara's "before" picture.

BAD...for Mike's brother Max who had to feel huge next to his brother and his dad.

SURPRISED... at the at-home 1/2 marathon challenge. the 1/2 marathon $10,000 prize.

PROUD...that everyone (except Ron who should have been sent home weeks ago) finished the 1/2 marathon. watching Sione laying on the ground with his leg cramping up. Helen. She is really getting on my last nerve. She's just so arrogant. Though, she did look a little sheepish when she had to admit that she ate a cookie to penalize Tara, which handed the $10,000 to Sione. And she needs a haircut. see Filipe and Sione still working out with Bob. Who gets to make the rules here? weigh-in time that maybe the blue team could pull it off tonight.

STUNNED...that Tara only lost 2 pounds this week. I think she waterloaded last week, so I'm expecting a huge loss from her this week. hear the blue team belly aching because they haven't won a challenge or weigh in. If they would have ditched Ron and kept Dane and Mandi, they might be singing a different tune.

EMBARRASSED...when Ron lost 10 pounds after I mouthed off about what a dead weight he is. Excuse me while I remove my foot from my mouth. I still think he's sneaky and manipulative.

UPSET...when, holy tub of cookie dough, Batman -- Kristin gained 1 pound!

IMPRESSED...when Cathy was willing to fall on the sword to save Kristin and Aubrey. Hmmm...who is that the opposite of? Hmmm...wasn't it Helen who threw her own daughter under the bus?

STARTLED...that Kristin, Ron and Aubrey all voted for Cathy.

HAPPY...for Cathy when they showed her weight loss at home. She looked great and got her other daughters involved in exercise and healthy eating.

GUILTY...for eating Golden Oreos and a Dairy Queen Mint Dilly Bar while watching tonight's show.


Momza said...

LOL Can I just say you are my hero for eating that oreo and dilly bar while watching the show?! I love that you did that! You are my sista form anotha motha!

RC said...

loved your assessment.

i was hoping going into the night that kathy went home, because she's sort of the least "intesting" character on the show.

it is really sad that helen ate the cookie, and killed tara's chances...i bet tara bet she ate a cookie now.

what about aubrey talking to her dad...that was crazy too!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Usually I save my indulgences for when I am not watching the show, but last night (maybe it was the steroids), I ate a fudge round and rice crispie treat while they worked their heinies off!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I don't watch BL. But I do read your blog. Last night, I went to bed early with a major headache that was leading to an upset tummy. And flipped through some channels while lying in bed... happened upon the weigh ins. Didn't see any marathon or at home coverage- just the weigh in of most of the black team.

I share all that just because I'm excited that I "get it" with some of your assessment! LOL!

(And my word verification is "dattliz" and I find that really funny... "Oh, datt liz... what a nut!")

Joanie said...

I had to work last night and didn't get home until just before the voting.

After reading your synopsis, I want to try to catch it this week, if that's possible.

Soon there will be no blue team. Then Sione and Felipe will have Bob all to themselves. That "love fest" is a little unnerving.

I think we are going to start to see the claws coming out. Obviously Helen is already at it. And I think Tara is not someone she would want to mess with!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I have to DVR biggest loser and watch on Wednesdays so I have learned not to read until after I watch!
Christa Frantz

Beth Zimmerman said...

I agree with your assessments wholeheartedly and really hope Helen goes home soon since she grates on my nerves. I also think it would probably be good for Mike to have to be on his own at the Ranch for a while. But Ron may finally be turning it around. Who knows! I bet they start competing individually in the next week or so. One last comment ... I am enjoying this season so much more than the last one! I spent most of last season gritting my teeth and repenting for wanting to KILL Heba and Vicki!

Anonymous said...

Didn't they show Kristin eating cookies too? Why wasn't that mentioned--- who she ate them for??

Beth Zimmerman said...

No, Kristin didn't eat any cookies but they sure made it look like Aubrey did! Although she didn't confess to any which left me pretty confused!