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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Milestones and more


Congratulations to Kristin who tonight became the first woman to ever lose 100 pounds while staying at the Biggest Loser ranch! (The pic above is from the beginning of the season.)

Both Tara and Kristin had the chance to hit that milestone tonight. They weighed Tara first because she had won immunity in this week's challenge. She lost 3 pounds -- for a total of 99 pounds. I'm not ashamed to say I was glad. Tara kicks butt and takes names in everything that happens on the ranch. I really wanted the record to go to Kristin. And it did!

She needed to lose 3 pounds to hit the 100 pound mark. She shattered it, losing 8 pounds for a total loss to date of 105!

Single file
The other big news tonight is that the players are going stag -- the teams were dismantled and the competitors went to singles competition. They have to compete and succeed or fail all on their own.

Their first decision as individuals was to pick a trainer. The selections went as follows:



Which basically means they are all training with the person they've been training with for the past several weeks. What a waste of 20 minutes of air time!

Challenge time
The challenge tonight was a brick challenge with immunity on the table. The players had to place bricks on other players' scales, equal to the amount of weight they'd lost on the ranch so far. Kristin called the game "Let's See How Much Everyone in the House Hates You!"

Helen and Tara were given the lion's share of the weight. Helen received 200+ pounds (215?). Tara was given 257 pounds. I felt a little bad for her. Everyone was laughing at all the pounds being given to Tara and she was clearly hurt by it.

But she has to understand that she is the strongest competitor in the house. She has said it herself, she has a target on her back. However, no matter how the producers edit the film from tonight, there is no way that I was going to believe that Tara was going to quit. She is way to competitive for that. And of course, she's not leaving. A waste of another 10 minutes of air time.

The second part of the challenge was that the players had to pull a car 1/2 mile. In addition, their cars were loaded with the extra weight they were assigned in the first part of the challenge. Sione and Mike started out fast, but they looked like they were struggling by halfway through. That's when Tara started catching up. She passed Mike. And soon was neck and neck with Sione. And she won the challenge, which meant she won immunity.

In the beginning of the season, I didn't like Tara. I thought she was arrogant. Then I got to like her because she was a hard worker and so driven. But she's back to being arrogant and I'm back to not liking her so much.

Going home
The elimination came down between Filipe and Aubrey. If I had gotten to vote, I would have sent Filipe home. But the majority of the folks did not agree with me and Aubrey was voted off.

The at-home video of Aubrey was probably the most honest I've seen. She talked about how hard it is to put herself first because she fell right back into that mommy role, doing stuff for everyone else. It was so authentic, so different from the scripted fare the Biggest Loser usually offers up, I found it pretty powerful.

Best quote of the night
Ron, about Mike's decision to train with Jillian -- "My son is 18 years old. He's an idiot. All 18-year-olds are idiots."

Creepiest commercial
Boost Mobile w/the grown man riding in the Baby Bjorn carrier. He says, among other things, "I also happen to like breast milk."


Joanie said...

I'm so glad you get this post up up quickly every week!

I missed that commercial! EW!!!!

WTG Kristin! I was hoping she'd beat out that arrogant (good word for her) Tara! Tara is looking good, but she's getting way too cocky again.

I'm impressed with Ron in the past few weeks. He's beginning to hold his own and he's right behind Mike in the pounds lost! Ron is getting stronger now, although the teaser for next week showed Ron going to the hospital with chest pains??

I'm so done with Sione and Filipe any more. Big whiny crybabies! I'm done with Helen too, although I liked her in the beginning.

During the weight game, it was apparent what everyone thinks of Helen and I think they gave Tara all that weight because she's giving everyone a run for their money! I was happy she beat out Sione on that game too!

And watch out for Laura! She's staying under everyone's radar and pulling big numbers every week.

I missed some of the weight game when John called me (I really need to learn to not answer the phone during this show) I'm not sure why Kristin and Laura did not compete in this one.

Aubrey was in the bottom 3 for the 3rd week in a row. It was time for her to go home, but I really wanted to see Filipe go and watch Sione cry because he'd be alone.

And yes, Aubrey was very honest in her saying how easy it was to fall back into the bad habits. Her kids play her like a fiddle! She told them she was going to the gym and her son(?) immediately asked her to help with homework and she put the workout chothes down and did it. I'm not sure that she and her sister will do too well at home. I can see them gaining weight back.

I liked Ron's quote about Mike too!

I can't wait to see enxt week when everyone comes back! Do you tihnk Joelle will comes back too? Im curious to see if she lost any weight. And if she mended any fences with her friend (can't remember her name!)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh my husband said "That commercial is so gay!" And then as soon as he said it, the guy said he liked breast milk! We looked at each other like "Oh gross" and I fast forwarded it back to the show! Tonight was kind of boring! I was having more fun talking to people on facebook during it!

skywind said...

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Old Woman said...

Thansk for the update. I fell asleep and didnt' see who went home. Thanks for keeping us up to day on BL.

BTW - Even my husband was disgusted by that commercial. It had nothing to do with the product and would certainly turn me off buying into its services.

Old Woman said...

Amy - I sent an email to Boost about their commercial. They responded with an email to their marketing department. I'm leaving it here for all those who would be so inclined to blast them an email.

Marine Wife said...

I think Ron was being disingenuous when he said he was sending Aubrey home to help her dad. really dislike him more and more. Despite some of her arrogance, I'm liking Tara more and more and hope she ultimately wins the game.

My husband the cynic was wondering if any of the people steering the cars might be tapping the brakes so the producers could control who won the challenge

Joanie said...

Wow Marine Wife! I hadn't thought of that!

Mention of Ron... he sure knows how to get the focus off himself, doesn't he? His time is coming.