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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Biggest Loser: Second chances and giving up

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I took copious notes tonight during this week's Biggest Loser. I had planned to tell you how three previous contestants returned to the ranch after being at home for several months.

I was all set to go on about how Nicole lost 87 pounds AT HOME and how that gained her a spot back on the ranch and immunity for the week. Helen has been on the ranch the whole time and has only lost 80 pounds. Tara looked scared because Nicole's massive weight loss landed her as the #2 contender in the house.

I had planned out post based on the theme of realizations:
  • Tara's realization that there are deep psychological issues that contributed to her weight gain and that she hasn't really faced those demons yet.

  • Kristin's realization that Ron is playing the game to keep Mike on the ranch and has been manipulating the votes in ways to ultimately benefit Mike.
After Ron was sent to the hospital with chest pains, I even contemplated saying something catty like, "If I thought Ron's outsides were gross, his insides are not much better" and "Dr. H said a whole bunch of stuff about Ron's health that basically boiled down to Ron is screwed."

Despite this, after all the tests and a transfusion, it was decided Ron could go back to the ranch with some meds.

Oh, I had planned to detail the whole freaking show. But that went right out the window in the elimination room.

Nicole gained FIVE pounds her first week back on the ranch. And in doing so, lost her immunity for the week. So it ended up being Nicole and Ron (who gained 3) up for elimination.

"Please let Ron be voted off," I thought out loud.

Mike voted against Nicole, duh.

Lauren voted against Nicole because she is afraid of her.

Sione. I could kiss him. He commented that everyone always voted on who needs to be at the ranch. Then he said, "If we start depending on the ranch, then what's going to happen when we go home? We are all going home." And with that, he voted for Ron.

No surprise -- Tara voted for Nicole. She is totally threatened by her. Helen voted for Ron, making the vote a 3-3 tie.

So it came down to Kristin. "So help me," I thought, "if she votes for Nicole, I am FINISHED!"

For crying stinking out loud! Kristin, have you learned NOTHING?! That's it. I am officially not rooting for Kristin any more. I think that ultimately she'll come to understand how she is screwing herself by keeping Ron around. In the meantime, Sione is my man.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You forgot Filipe's vote. I think there is gonna be some friction in the house next week based on that! What a waste of a show. She was back and she was evicted... (yawn)!

Joanie said...

I was excited when I saw that Nicole was the one who was coming back. I thought Tara was going to have a stroke when she saw some real competition arriving.

And what a shock it was to find Nicole GAINED 5 pounds! I wonder what happened.

And how happy was Tara when Nicole gained those 5 pounds. She just couldn't hide that grin. I keep flip flopping about her.

I told my daughter today that I hope Nicole wins the 2nd place award.

And our new crybaby is Laura! Oh boo hoo. Get over yourself and go home.

I still want to see Sione and Felipe get booted. I don't like either one of them.

There's going to come a time when Ron is going to vote for Kristin without a backwards glance or a bit of remorse. And she's going to be shocked when it happens. How that man keeps staying on that ranch is beyond me.

I think this game is going to come down to Tara, Mike and maybe Kristin. I think it will basically come down to Tara or Mike.

As for the others? See ya later. bye.

Momza said...

I liked the re-runs I watched of some other season where everyone was nice and supportive. This one is like a soap opera. Wahhh.

Marine Wife said...

Finally saw this week's episode. Kristin is an idiot for allowing Ron to stay another week. That man has needed to go home for ages now!

As for the friction... yep, game on.