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Friday, March 27, 2009



I wish I was one of those people who responds to stress by not eating. Unfortunately, I am exactly the opposite. There is something instantly soothing about a Hershey's with almonds, something physically therapeutic about McDonald's french fries.

Over the past two months, I had made some good strides in cleaning up my diet and detoxing my body of all the junk I'd been feeding it. I guess old habits die hard because in the last 10 days, I've been self-medicating with prescriptions written by Burger King, Wendy and the Dairy Queen.

I've even been hitting the hard stuff -- Diet Coke -- despite the fact that I've given it up for Lent (and had quit drinking it all together about a month before Ash Wednesday).

And you know what? I feel like crap.

I'm not sleeping well. The eczema on my hands has returned. For the past six hours, my stomach has been sour and I've been burping up the ghost of rotten eggs.

Guess that's what I get for a dinner of Frosted Mini Wheats with a moose tracks ice cream chaser. The only reason I don't have searing heartburn on top of it is that little miracle called Nexium. (Thank you, God, for the inventors of Nexium. Seriously.)

Ok, body, I get it. You don't like the junk I've been feeding you. I promise, tomorrow (guess that's today already) you're getting water and lots of veggies. And, truth be told, a couple of margaritas out with the girls in the evening. I'll even take you for a walk, or a spin on the Wii Fit if it's raining.

Just knock off the egg burps, please.


Eternal Lizdom said...

I hear ya!! I can always tell when I've been getting too crazy with the yuck food. And I can see it in my kids and husband, too. I wish I could get it to click that making healthy choices consistently is better for everyone. But those dang fries at McD's or the Mocha Joe at BK start calling... I try to make healthy choices (salad at McD's or chili and a salad at Wendy's) and do most of the time.

Hang in there- and enjoy your margaritas tonight!!

Momza said...

It's like our bodies are telepathic--mine's been singin the same song: "No more junk, please." I've been drinking more water tho, which has helped.
Im not much for fastfood, but chocolate, well that's another story. That's like air to me.

Anonymous said...

That's happened to me, too. I feel your pain!

skywind said...

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Anonymous said...

Yup. Me too. Just had a frosty.

Momza said...