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Sunday, March 22, 2009


This morning I was taking Annie and two friends to a volleyball tournament. I don't know if it's because it was Sunday or what, but I was in the mood for some "Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!" music. So I popped in a contemporary Christian CD. Well, let me tell you, Annie was horrified.

"Mom! Please, no. Can we just turn on the radio?"

"It's Sunday," I replied. "You can't just turn off Jesus, especially on Sunday."

"Maaaahhm!" she said as she reached over and hit the power button.

Before I could turn it back or on say anything in reply, one of her friends piped up from the back.

"Yeah, Annie. I was jammin' to that song!"

See? I felt vindicated and a little bit proud that my personal testimony was considered "jammin'" to a 'tween. So I turned the CD back on and started to tell Annie that she shouldn't be embarrassed, even her friends thought my Hallelujah music was cool.

That's when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the two girls sitting in the back seat listening to their iPods.

When will I learn that by definition Moms are not cool?


Momza said...

I wasn't cool for my 12-14 yr olds...wait until she's 16--then she'll appreciate how "cool" you are! I promise, those days are coming and they're wonderful. And just keep being yourself--the one who listens to music about the Savior when in the car--it may be the one place she hears it and heaven knows, that is a big deal!
Carry On! Be not weary in well-doing.

skywind said...

Sunday is a rest day, the day of Christ is. :)
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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

They got to think Casting Crowns are cool! They are my favs! Seen them in concert twice!