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Friday, March 20, 2009

Know someone who keeps on going?

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You know those Energizer Bunny commercials where the little, pink, drum-beating rabbit keeps going and going and going? There are plenty of parents who have given their kiddos -- mostly seems like little boys -- the nickname Energizer Bunny.

But there are other EB types out there, too. I'm talking about the grown-ups, or even teenagers, whose daily schedules make me feel like I need a nap just reading them. And often those people pack 36 hours into every day despite challenges that would stop most of us dead in our tracks -- illness, disability, economic hardship...

There are several people I know personally who fall into that category, though I feel like I'd need to ask their permission before I share their stories here. But I will tell you about my mom who I think fits the description.

That's her on the far left:


My mom is a nurse. She works full-time in a hospital-based doctor's office. When she's done working most nights, she heads over to my dad's custom embroidery shop (Anyone need logo wear, custom t-shirts, etc? Let me know!) to help him for several hours.

Oh, did I mention she still has one kid at home? My brother is a junior in high school. So many times, my mom finds herself sitting in the gym watching a volleyball tournament or at school supporting my brother in his efforts on student council, National Honor Society and a handful of other activities.

In her "spare" time, my mom is the "craft lady" at an annual camp for cancer survivors -- a job that takes planning and meeting throughout the year. And whoever said Sunday is a day of rest, didn't see the volunteer schedule she keeps at church.

Whew! I am tired!

The folks over at Energizer want to recognize folks like my mom. So a few years back, they created the "Keep Going" Hall of Fame. The search is on for the 2009 inductee. And you can help!

If you know someone who should be part of the "Keep Going" Hall of Fame, visit the Hall of Fame website to nominate them. This year's winner will receive $10,000 and an additional $5,000 to donate to their favorite charity!

But hurry, the deadline to submit nominations is March 31.

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Leave a comment on my blog telling us about the Energizer Bunny in your life and you'll be entered to win either a pack of Energizer Ultimate Lithium or Energizer Advanced Lithium batteries. To earn an extra entry, link to this post on your own blog and leave me a comment letting me know you've done so.

I'll use the random number generator at to pick two winners on Friday, March 27.


Momza said...

I don't know that I'd enter my BFF Nannette in an actual contest, but she defines the EB to me!
She is like VISA...everywhere you want to be...
She runs her household, but she also cares for her 2 very young grandchildren while her newly-single daughter goes to nursing school...she also takes more meals into others' homes more than anyone I know! She has even come into my home when I've had a rough day, and given me a foot massage! I am not kidding--she does random stuff like that every day of the week. I love her so much, but have no inclination to take after her! Long Live the Eveready Bunnies of the World!

Sharon said...

Your post is so sweet, Amy.

The EB I think of is my mother.
Regardless of her health problems, she still continues to take care of the house, my dad (nothing wrong w/ him or anything), and stays on top of the needs of my brother who is mentally ill. It's amazing. She is so strong in her faith and always keeps going.
I'd be so ready to call it quits!

I never knew of their contest like this. What a wonderful idea!


My mom is definitely the energizer bunny. When I was little, she worked a full time job, and cooked three meals for us everyday, cleaned and did our laundry. I don't know how she did all that.