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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heaven in a microwave

Boy, this was a really long weekend. Tonight after I got the kids tucked into bed and Annie's rough draft research paper typed, I was ready to relax with Desperate Housewives on the PVR and a little something sweet.

And yesterday, the mail lady delivered just the thing: a free sample of a Betty Crocker Warm Delights Mini. Heaven in a microwave in less than 3 minutes!

The Set Up

First, I poured the cake mix in the bowl and mixed in a little bit of water.


Then, I squeezed the fudge packet over the watery cake mix. I wish I had a picture of it, but I was so excited to get this puppy in the microwave, I forgot to snap a photo until it was already cooked (it only took 30 seconds!).

Cooling off

Next came the hardest part of the recipe: Waiting two minutes for it to cool. I passed the time by pouring a mug of skim milk to have with my Mini.

Milk and mini cake

Before long, my 150-calorie heaven in a microwave went from looking like this:

Cooling off

to looking like this:

All done

It was the perfect size of ooey, gooey chocolatey-ness. Not too much, not too little. I'll definitely be watching for sales on this.

How do you feed your sweet tooth?


Momza said...

Okay, if you EVER move to Colorado, will you move nextdoor to me?? You have all the fun!
What's this??--chocolate delivered to your mailbox? Surely, you know all the right people!
My husband is my source of sweet-tooth-osity--he always has a treat stored, I am not kidding! You two would get along great! Good call on the Milk tho--makes it that much better!

Unknown said...

I LOVE those warm delights! Mmmm. You have good taste!

Joanie said...

My daughter buys them every now and then and boy oh boy! Are they yummy!!! I never got one in the mail though. You folks in Indiana are lucky! Now that I think of it, you get lots of good treats in th email, dontcha!

Anonymous said...

I love those too. I got a bunch when they were on special with a coupon last fall. Almost out of 'em.
The regular-size ones were on a super sale but I TOTALLY did not want them in my house because of the high calories in them...

How do I feed my sweet tooth? Too much! But I totally love a mint Hershey kiss or peppermint one (which I get after Christmas) after a meal. YUM!