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Friday, August 21, 2009

The year of living...

sanely? consciously? freely? appreciatively?

I haven't figured out what to call it yet, but today marks the beginning of my last year before I turn 40. I've been thinking about this for a while, about how I want to make this year "count" and how I want this to be my year of great change.

There is a lot of anticipation and hopefulness and weight that I've placed on this birthday -- and on the days that will fall between it and the big 4-0. Kind of like a New Year's Eve anticipation, where you look out on the year ahead with a hopefulness of the things the year will bring, the things that you will do differently or better or not at all.

I'm aware that I could be setting myself up for huge disappointment if the things I'm envisioning don't come to fruition. But all of what I am considering is within my own control, so if there is disappointment and regret, it will be no one's fault but my own.

Some of the things that are on my list to do (or not) this year are things you could probably guess. But I'm not going to say them here, because I am accountable to myself in this journey. I don't want to get all puffed up and make some sweeping declarations, then have to be concerned with disappointing other people if, at the end of the year, I don't measure up to what I said I would do.

So far, the year of living "whatever," has gotten off to a terrific start. On Wednesday night, my friend Ellen dropped by the house with a surprise for me. She remembered my birthday rant last year and had marked it on her calendar to make sure that didn't happen again. So she came bearing Diet Coke, chocolate cake and a birthday card and balloon.

Ellen bday delivery

Where would we be without our girlfriends? Ellen, you are a peach. Absolutely. Thanks so much! (And thanks for signing the contract by the front door that you won't tell anyone about the state of my house when you dropped by.)

And last night, I went to bed at 8:30pm and stayed in bed the whole night. That's pretty much unheard of. Just a little birthday gift to myself.

So here it is. My 39th birthday. Celebrate with me by having some cake wherever you are.


varangianguard said...

Happy Birthday!

Ah yes, 39. I think I remember something about being 39. So long ago now.


That reminds me. Today is my sister's birthday, too.

Momza said...

Don't put so much pressure on yourself to be anything but HAPPY!
40 was a Great Birthday for me! I love being 40-something--it's so much easier than being 30-something!!
Relax and be whoever you want to be! The good stuff gets even better now!

Eternal Lizdom said...

If you are going to force me to have cake, I'm just going to have to oblige!!

Happy Birthday!! Mine's in just a few days so I must say that you share an excellent week for birthdays!

Jessica McCoy said...


Annie said...

Happy 39th to you!!! Enjoy your day!

Joanne said...

Happy 39th - just think of it next year as leaving the dark side of 30 adn entering the light side of 40 (might help)

Nate's Mom said...

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Amy. Happy birthday to you.

Make this the year of taking care of you and being happy. Stay in bed all night more often. Do those things that you truly enjoy.

I will bake a cake today and we will eat cake in your honor! Have a great day AMY!

Sheri in CA

Sharon said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
I will join you in some cake. It's cheesecake. :) Oh, and Diet Pepsi.
Cheers to you!

Michelle said...

I was at a birthday party today and had some cake. Does that count?

Happy birthday! Hope your day was FANTASTIC! What a great friend you have. Diet Coke and cake-- a great combo!