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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Biggest Loser: Speed Version

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Tonight on the Biggest Loser:
  1. All the eliminated players returned to the ranch. Victoria (blue team, who has been sent home twice) was voted back on, barely edging out John (brown). Melissa (red) earned her way back by winning a 1,000 step challenge.
  2. I was surprised at how little the half-ton twins, John and James, have lost. Maybe they're holding out for their own primetime show?
  3. Koli stirred the pot a little (ok, a lot) by telling Ashley that he thought Stephanie threw the weigh in that sent Stephanie's mom home.
  4. Ashley confronted Stephanie who said she was hurt that Ashley would think such a thing.
  5. Bob schooled Victoria on the plusses of Ziploc freezer bags with the smart-zip seal!
  6. Jillian took pleasure in kicking Victoria's rear end in the gym and attempted to work her psychobabble on Stephanie.
  7. Bob helped O'Neal conquer the stairs, taking them one foot at a time (instead of putting both feet on the same step).
  8. Melissa was surprisingly (and refreshingly) a non-issue in this episode, though she did go on record saying that it was time for people to stop being friends and start playing the game. I'm sure we'll hear plenty more from Melissa next week.
  9. At the weigh in, Stephanie and Sam both fell below the yellow line.
  10. Citing Sam's ability to push people to work harder, most of the votes for elimination went against Stephanie.
  11. In the Biggest Loser transformation moment, Stephanie looked great. She's lost 99 pounds and revealed (no big secret if you follow new about the show) that she fell in love on the ranch. What she didn't say (but what we all know) is that she is in love with Sam, which might mean Koli's interjections will be rattling the family tree a bit.
Did I miss anything important?


Joanie said...

OK, how did I miss Stephanie was in love with Sam?

I just knew that Victoria would be voted back on.

You're right. I barely saw any change in James and John.

So, did Steph throw the weigh-in the week she lost 2 pounds? I'm guess... um, yup!

I was SO not happy that Melissa is back, but Jillian and Bob are correct. Melissa WILL motivate everyone to kick butt, if nothing else than to help get her below the yellow line and kick her out again.

At this point, I think Sam has the best chance of being the Biggest Loser.

I can't wait for make-over week, so Michael and Daris can get their damn hair cut!! And all the men can shave!!

Did you see the fellow who lose over 400 pounds by using the Biggest Loser philosophy? Amazing!!!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Hey My Biggest Loser Buddy! Great recap of the show. While I am not really a fan of anyone in particular, Sam is getting quite a bod on him, ain't he?

Beth Zimmerman said...

I didn't know about Stephanie and Sam! How did I miss that? Yikes! Wonder if that had an impact on Koli's manipulation and game play? The things that make you go hmmmmm!

Michelle said...

How did I miss that Sam and Stephanie???