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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yay or nay?

This is what I'm wearing today:


What do you think?

a.) Daring, but I make it work.
b.) It looks like I'm channeling my inner Japanese exchange student.
c.) You can't believe my family let me leave the house in this get-up.

Go ahead. Be honest. I really want to know.


Sharon said...'s not "omg you shouldn't have left the house". I like the pants and sweater, it's the blue I can decide on.
But rock on w/ yo bad self. ;)

Beth Zimmerman said...

I think a blue line in the sweater would have tied it all together. But if you have to rely on the likes of me for fashion advice ... you're in big trouble! And why did you hide that pretty face? We all know it's you! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

The blue really does draw your attention... does the sweater have lines of blue in it?

I think I'm on the "like" side of the fence. Its definitely a "conversation worthy" outfit :)

I really do love that cardigan. I'm a sucker for argyle

Momza said...

pedal pushers or whatever they're called, makes short legs look shorter. So I'm thinking those may not be best for work. Love the sweater. The blue shirt isn't working with the outfit though.
You can do better.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Ditto Momza. Not the best. The shortish pants caught my eye- the dark tip on the shoe emphasizes that. The blue shirt doesn't fit with the outfit unless there is blue in the sweater that we can't see from the photo. I like all the pieces individually, though! Most of all, I like the model wearing them! :)

Stacy said...

I'm going to have to agree with everyone else on the blue shirt...even if there is a bit of blue in the sweater we can't see, it's just not enough. And I'm sorry, but I'm not loving the shoes...a little too wintry looking for the outfit. :/

Now can I lie and tell you what a FABULOUS outfit it is, cause I hate being that honest?

Beth said...

I'm sure it looks better in person, but it also looks like a "what not to wear" before shot. :)

Gramma said...

Sorry to disaggree, but I think the colors look great. A splash of color to brighten the day. The pants do look to short, however, as some of you noted. I don't like the shoes.

With all that said, I am probably the last person you would want fashion advice from.

kimybeee said...

i really like it - it is bright and cheery and spring like, tell you get to the shoes! boring shoes - they need to be bright and springy too!! and you know i am always honest, even if you don't ask for it! lol

off to work i go where i get my choice of wearing burgundy scrubs, or burgundy scrubs!!! but i always wear colorful cute socks!!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly... it's a nay.

Capris are fine for the beach or park but they aren't flattering on anyone under 6 feet tall.

The sweater is adorable but doesn't work with the blue t-shirt.

The shoes are cute, if they were paired with non-capri pants. Too 'heavy' for a light-weight capri.

You're covering up the best part - your smile! :-)
Vicki (Too lazy to sign into Google)

Ellen aka Ellie said...


The sweater is a classic piece, don't get rid of it until it's falling apart.

I am simply not a fan of colored bottoms unless they're worn in a tropical locale. Maybe that's because though slender, I'm BOTTOM HEAVY.

So a khaki trouser might have been a better choice. I have a few capris, but I use them just for super casual.

Love the ballet flats.

You have just received a comment in the form of a poop sandwich, something nice, poop filling, followed by something nice. It's a teacher thing.

And, know this, my blog has a label, "not the fashionista," so take anything I've shared with about 100 grains of salt...

Anonymous said...

Oh, heavens. I didn't see this when I commented on your FB pic of the necklace. lol The cardigan kinda goes with the pants, and the shirt goes with the necklace, but the shoes don't appear to go with anything. Hmm. You are a conundrum, my dear.

Shelley said...

I agree with Momza!

Jennifer said...

I love that you tried to mix it up with the blue but a toned down blue would have been better. Even better would have been a shade of green. But you know what, who cares. Wear what you want, that's what I say.

Nate's Mom said...

I'm loving all the comments. I have to agree that this one missed the mark. But, go for you trying to mix in color. I am terrified of color, lol. I am very much a jeans girl and they go with most things (I think). I even hae nice trouser jeans that I wear to work with sweaters and such. But, honestly I'm hoping for Stacy and Clinton to surprise me someday, because I am totally clueless.

Sheri in CA

Nate's Mom said...

Honestly, I can spell, I just can't type. Just re-read and caught all those typos. Good luck deciphering my prior comment...

Sheri in CA (who just had to backspace and retype my own name, seriously)

Unknown said...

I'm going to have to go with maybe a lightere colored shirt and shoe, but I LOVE that you are thinking spring. I always say if people don't like my shoes then they should look up, but I some people are all about the entire look. Be Happy!

Jessica McCoy said...

I tagged you in my blog post today. :)