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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sayonara sofa


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the first day in the Christian season of Lent. Lent is a period of 40 days of fasting and sacrifice. As a lifelong Catholic, I've given up a variety of things during Lent. There's the mandated giving up of meat on Fridays. When I was a kid, giving up candy or sweets was a popular choice. Of course every kid tries the "I'm giving up homework (or chores)" thing at least once -- quickly corrected by a parent, teacher or priest. 

As an adult, I've given up cussing, sweets (still a tough one for me), Diet Coke. Last year I gave up internet Scrabble. That was harder than it should have been -- I told you, I'm a nerd. If you want a decent explanation of the theology behind Lenten sacrifices, visit Insomnimom's recent post.

Each year, in our house, we choose a family sacrifice and we each choose an individual sacrifice. Our family sacrifice this year is pop. We've been going through it like water and this is a good opportunity to try to break that expensive and not-so-healthy habit. I think we're also going to try the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.

My personal sacrifice this Lent will help make the 40 bag challenge happen. This year for Lent, I am giving up the couch. Specifically, the couch in what we call the FR2 (Family Room #2, which is actually the living room, but has the TV in it). I LOVE this couch. But the problem is that everytime I lay down on the couch -- does anyone actually sit on a couch? -- I enter some kind of time warp and before I know it 3 or 4 or 10 hours have gone by. 

This couch is soft. It's cozy. It seems to conform to the shape of my body. I blog from this couch. I catch up on my DVRd shows from this couch. I use this couch to play "Mommy's legs are broken." I sleep on this couch -- a lot. I love the way the little swirlies leave imprints in my skin when I wake from a nap or a night's sleep on the couch.

So this year for Lent, I'm giving it up. I'll still watch my favorite shows from one of the chairs in the FR2. But when the show is over, I'll get up and do something else -- like laundry or dishes or reading a book. If I watch those shows from the couch, I may as well kiss the rest of the night goodbye. 

So, sayonara sofa. Catch ya later, couch. I'll miss you. See you in six weeks.


Eileen said...

Amy, do you remember Fr Joe's lenten sacrifice of praying instead of listening to the radio in the car--he even took the knobs off so he wouldn't be tempted. Maybe you'll have to cover your couch with stuff so you won't be tempted. When I reach for the radio knob every morning on the way to work I delay for a minute and say a prayer first thanks to his homily.

Unknown said...

OK so just click over from Indiana Women Bloggers page on Facebook - read your "Sayanora Sofa" post - just that one - and am cracking up - considering spending the rest of the day on my special couch where I also lose all track of time reading the rest of your blog - I actually gave up cussing for lent this year, which probably won't last thru noon today but I am trying! And I have not read about the game "Mommy's legs are broken" but if it was I think it is we totally play that game all the time just a different name!

CWMartin said...

I remember pop being one of the most difficult ones to give up. Every pop machine screams feed me coins! Good luck, Amy.

JS Grame-Smith said...

Sayonara sofa is really looking like sleepy.
-Reclining Sectionals

Amy said...

@Eileen -- I do remember that homily. So far, my family has been more than happy to take up my spot on the couch. But it sure is inviting.

@Jent -- Nice to meet you. I'm pretty sure every mommy plays the legs are broken game. It's one of the perks of motherhood.

@John -- I'm in a good mood today, so I'm going to let your spammy comment stay. Plus you didn't write "I'm very interested in this subject and such themes," at least you tried to keep your spam on topic. So for you, a pass -- today only.

Mrs4444 said...

Amy, the couch idea is really brilliant. Really.

The 40 bags in 40 days is also a great idea, though I can't imagine finding that much stuff to get rid of (I've been trying to simplify for a while now.)

Still haven't decided what to give up (besides dusting).

Matty said...

I know how you feel. I have a favorite love seat that is so soft and cozy, I don't want to get up. It makes it easy to be lazy. But like Mrs 4444 said, it's a brilliant idea.

Karen and Gerard said...

Our couch is very comfy too. I can fall asleep on the couch much quicker than in our bed. I love to watch TV in the living room so I can lay on the couch to watch. If the program is good enough, I will stay awake and it helps to DVR the shows so I can zip the commercials.

Stopping by from Saturday Samplings.

Everyday Kathy said...

Visiting from the Saturday Sampling!

Giving up the couch is brilliant!! I bookmarked the 40 bags in 40 days game... also very cool!

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...something to ponder. i sit on the couch unless i absolutely have to (like when i'm visiting someone). lying down is much preferred. :)

Mrs. Tuna said...

My daughter has given up her cell phone for Lent, now who can I call to pick up milk on the way home.