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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nervous chatter

In my recent post about why I love Facebook, I mentioned that it makes watching sports on TV so much more fun. It's been a critical part of my enjoyment of my Butler Bulldogs' dance through the men's NCAA basketball tournament. (Although I will admit not everyone is enjoying it; I've had more than one person tell me all my posts during the game are "blowing up my newsfeed.")

What in the world might someone have to say on Facebook about a college basketball game, you might wonder? Well, this:

Butler fans...time to get unleashed!

3 + 3 = Shelvin, my hero.

C'mon Dawgs! Rebound the ball.

Is it wrong that I'm enjoying watching the replay of that elbow to the nose?

Shake it off, Dawgs! Come back from the break and play your game.

Dear Coach Stevens: Time to reach into your bag of tricks...

3 is such a lovely number.

Rub some dirt on it.


How is it half=time already?

We'll sing the Butler war song... (sing it with me...sometime take the next line...)

There's a reason they call them FREE throws, boys....

Time out. C'mon Brad, talk some sense into our boys.

7 is NOT a lovely number.

OK, let's make that the start of our run.

4 fouls on Macklin...let's do something with this.

Something bad is happening in Oz when Matt Howard starts missing free throws.

I don't know who you are #20, but I ♥ you!

Mike Magan is on his feet!

Andrew Smith...puh-leeeeze make these.

Hey -- put that #20 back in!

Nice pits, Billy Donovan.

Let Reggie ref.

YES! Shelvin!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

I don't know whether to sweet talk 'em or deliver tough love. So please, sweet honey Matt Howard, make these...or I will hunt you down and kick your patootie.

I'm gonna have to self-medicate to make it through this overtime.

Let's make some magic, Dawgs!

The bucket and the foul!

Tough score...

Could someone please explain to me why Matt Howard is not shooting the dang ball?

GD* referees trying to decide the game. (*gosh darn)

This game is sponsored by the St. Vincent Heart Center and Grey Goose Citrus.

I think I might throw up. I can't watch. But I can't look away.


I need some O2. Stat.

Sir Charles, what do you have to say now?

Wonder if Brad Stevens needs to change his pants before conducting the post-game press conference? I think Mike Magan might.

Now, before you go thinking that I'm a bit nuts, it's not actually like I'm talking to myself (although that does fall under #10 on my reasons to love Facebook). I have friends on FB who are chatting it up too and responding to my posts (and I'm responding to theirs). For instance, someone suggested that the reason Matt Howard was not shooting the ball was because he was afraid I would hit him if he missed.

And I'm aware that the team is 99% probably not seeing/hearing my encouragment (though in this world of wireless technology, you never know). But it makes me feel better to put it out there in the Facebook universe. 

The next game is Bulldogs' second Final Four appearance in two years. The game is in Houston, Texas. But you know where I'll be -- in front of my TV and on Facebook.


Nate's Mom said...

I am SO not a sports fan (well except when Nate plays soccer). But I love my Bulldogs! Um, that would my alma mater, the Fresno State Bulldogs, thank you very much. Do Dogs!

Sheri in CA

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Oh my goodness! This would make me shake my head, and perhaps I'd hide you until the tourney comes to an end, but I'd never tell you!

Know why?

I was unfriended by someone over sports. A friend, one I met at church, one I baptized, one who came to the new church I attend because she trusted my judgment, was writing really dumb things about Bears fans (not the players, the fans) because she was a Packers fan and they were in the play-offs against each other.

Every ten minutes there was something new and really rude. So I asked her to be kind.

That night when I went to congratulate all my Packers fan friends on fb, she was gone.

So, moral of my story, The Pack wins out over Jesus! :)

Root away woman, and I'll friend request you after Butler wins it all!

CWMartin said...

Go Dawgs!

Unknown said...

My friends and I chatter back and forth a lot during games. It does relieve nervous tension. Of course, most of us were rooting for the Boilermakers, but now we are cheering on the DAWGS! VCU is impressive, but their run is done.


kimybeee said...

awww, you don't need to edit - i would rather "listen" to you cheer on your team that hear what somebody had to eat for every single meal! lol

next game you should say hi to my cousin stacy! he reads, but never has commented. i usually forget that he is there lol make sure you let me know the next time they play!!!

i also love to watch sports and fb at the same time. it is fun to cheer on your team and rib the fans of the other team! i have the steelers, several players, and the coach as fb friends. it is kinda cool to get that "personal" touch.

Amy said...

I absolutely LOVE watching the game "with" my FB friends! It's TOO MUCH fun! My family ('rents included) don't see the fun in it, but they don't have FB accounts, either. Silly people!

If I'm not in my living room on Saturday night, you know I'll be posting SOMEHOW...because it wouldn't be a game without all my Dawgs on FB! Thanks for letting me be a part!