Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Continuous Biggest Loser blogging

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Tonight, instead of waiting until the end of The Biggest Loser to blog about the episode, I decided to blog continuously through the show.

Does anyone notice how the Biggest Loser spin doctors tried to shine up Vicky's image tonight? The woman who said it wasn't worth getting to see a video of her kids is suddenly charged up to win a challenge that doesn't benefit her, but will result in a donation of $10,000 to the school of her choice. After the challenge, she said something like "I don't feel like I won. I feel like we all won." Excuse me while I upchuck my fat free Jello pudding.

I'm generally a non-violent type of person, but I really was hoping during the football challenge that someone would just say "forget it" and lay Vicky flat on her rear in a Bob Sanders-style tackle. So what if tackling wasn't part of the game?!

Yum...stuffing without butter. Just what I want to eat on Thanksgiving. But ok, I could totally could eat that apple raspberry crumble. Here's the recipe from the BL site.

Charlie is now trying to calculate how much money Mike and I would make in the football challenge and which Colts jerseys we would each get. He thinks Mike would get a Dwight Freeney jersey and either Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai or Dominick Rhodes for me.

Biting my tongue about Vicky...I wonder how many calories persistent tongue biting burns?

Ok. Annie and I like Heba's glasses. There -- I said something nice.

"Happy Thanksgiving -- even though it's probably April, but we're pretending for the sake of reality TV."

Go black team!

I usually like Bob. But that arrogant head nod "we'll see what happens" at the prospect of an all blue team final makes me want to throw a medicine ball at him. Look at me, again with the violence...C'mon Bob. It's not about the teams. It's about the individuals and their health. Note to self, cross Bob's workout video off my Christmas wish list. Boy, I've come a long way from the beginning of the season.

Ow Ed! I'm sorry that your frilly panties are in a bunch.

The weigh in. I can feel my heartbeat quickening and my palms are getting tingly. How sad is that?

  • Amy C. -- down 5.
  • Heba -- minus 7. Doesn't feel like a "big Bessie" anymore. Even if I don't like her, kudos on the 70 pound loss.
  • Ed -- I hate that dramatic commercial break! -- lost 9. I called it.
  • Vicky -- could someone trip her on the way to the scale? -- down 7. Shoot!
Michelle and Renee left. Now my stomach is doing flip flops. I really need to get a life. Renee has to pull a 7 or higher. Can she do it?

She did! Sigh of relief! 8 pounds for Renee. I'm thinking about doing a happy dance and I would. Except Amy is below the yellow line. Let's see how loyal Vicky is now. On to Michelle...

More than 5 for Michelle? Based on last week's preview, I'm not so sure. Maybe she could cut her hair before she weighs. Commercial.

"I bet it's a sad or happy part," says Charlie. Thanks for that amazing insight, son! I think I'm having chest pains. I can't look.

Oh me of little faith! This is better than double scoop day at Friendly's!

Michelle lost 10 pounds! I'm breathing again.

I hope Michelle and Renee take the opportunity to send Heba packing. But will Vicky double-cross her? Pretty please with non-fat whipped cream and a cherry in its own juice on top?

Charlie's adrenaline over this episode has him running pass patterns in the family room like he does during Colts' games. He is driving me nuts.

Will Vicky be focused on the money enough that she wants to stop any chance that Heba and Ed have to take both the first and second prizes?

It could easily be a tie. Black team vs. blue team. Things don't look good for Amy. Ooh! Wait. Maybe if Heba goes home, Ed will quit and go with her.

Hmmm...seems Vicky's loyalty might be wavering. But Michelle's is not. Go 'Chelle!

One vote for Heba.
Two votes for Heba.

It's gonna come down to Vicky. Will Heba finally see her true colors? You know Amy is sweatin' it now.

Fast-forward thru the commercial.

So much for burying the hatchet. I'm sorry to see Amy go, but as I said last week, she made her bed. Oh, I want to smack that smirk right off Vicky's mouth. Grrrr! Why do I let her get under my skin like that?

NYC for a whirlwind makeover? You can put fancy clothes on rat, but it's still a rat. Just sayin...

OK, I'll end on a nice note. Amy looks amazing. Size 8 looks great on you girl!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I was out with hubby while it was on, and my parents who are here from Florida stopped my DVR from taping it only 4 minutes into the show! ACK!!!! At least I found a replay of it later this weekend so I can see it, but man am I ticked that Amy is gone! She was a stupid stupid girl for not sending Vicky packing last week! If Vicky wins this, I may have to stop watching this altogether! I am going to go throw up now!

Anonymous said...

OMG I soo agree. I hate that woman- Vicky. Can't stand her. My stomach turns when I listen to the things she says. Amy shoud have given her the booth last week. Well she suffered from her own mistake, but it doesn't make me feel better, having to still watch that b*@$h. Arrrg.

Lucretia said...

do you agree Bob was totally awful for his bit of arrogance at the gym......uggggg that and his cussing at Ed...I think he has picked up some bad habits from his "kids"
as for Amy...she asked for this so i can't say anything bad or good about it. I am just so damned proud of renee and michelle...awesome going renews my hope in the show...
oh and yeah...seeing Vicky's emmy award winning tear scene at he videos was priceless...gag

Michelle F. said...

Hi, new reader!

We're totally in line about the show this season. I can't wait to read your blog about the makeovers next week!

Michelle, another Midwestern gal.

Teresa Metzger said...

Great blog Amy. I laughed a lot. Next week Ed and Heba will vote Vicky off and it will be soooo tragic! I think it might be Ed, Heba, and Michelle in the finals.

What The Hell Is This? said...

Great blog.. you said much of what I said as I watched.. except nice.. I even commented on how Brady was in Pittsburg in the video, supposed to be in November and he is in a pool, outside, swimming... not so much.
You were nicer than me.
I loathe Vicky... I loathed her husband too.

What The Hell Is This? said...

But I totally want Bob and Amy to hook up.. don't think it would happen, but I totally called Matt and Suzi during their season.

Amy said...

@Lucretia -- You're right. Michelle and Renee's awesome story is getting a bit lost in all the Vicky drama. They're losing all this weight and finding each other. Happy sigh.

Amy said...

@Teresa -- Did you catch the shout out to your mom in my control freak entry?

Amy said...

@WtH -- Bob and Amy hooking up? Now that's a spin-off I'd watch.

bjsdeb said...

I really have ejoyed Biggest Loser since the start of the show. However, this season has turned my stomach. This is nothing but another reality show like Survivor, Fav or Flav, Paris Hilton, Big Brother only to mention a few. There is so much emphasis put on drama, bickering, back stabbing, hatred and not enough on what is important..Getting healthy....I need to lose at least 100 pounds and do you honestly think that this show has inspired me? NOPE, not at all. And Bob is acting just like the rest of his whiney losing team. Jillian has remained strong and I honestly believe Jillian would NOT have put up with such childish immature actions. I still can't believe that we have to sit and watch an undeserving B*** who is there for ALL the wrong reasons, so she will NEVER keep the weight off for another week. Geesh, Amy..You had the one opportunity to get rid of that fugly B and you didn't it. I just don't understand it. It seems the poor sportsmanship and the negative attitudes have taken over what was once a great show. Get with it NBC...Change it or your ratings are going to go down the toilet...

Vicki said...

Never watched the show until I heard the ladies at Weight Watchers talking about it. Last year was my first season. Hate to say it,this may well be my last. Perhaps they should rename the show-The Vickiy Show.

Teresa said...

Yes - loved the comment about my Mom. She takes the gift giving at Christmas to another level. She loves the theme and has some statistical methodology for number of gifts, size, and ratio of music/book.