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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Biggest Loser: Sealed their fate

Tonight on the Biggest Loser, the Blue team lost the weigh in.

Ron argued that Dane should go home based on the assumption that Dane had the best chance to continue to do well at home (he'd lost a record 100 pounds in 8 weeks on the ranch). Dane countered with his assertion that the team should jettison weak link Ron whose knee and shoulder injuries keep him from working out at 100%.

Mother-daughter team Cathy and Kristin voted with their hearts instead of their heads and followed Ron's vote for Dane. All they succeeded in doing was sealing the blue team's fate as losers next week. They really need Dane's big numbers and the team is going to find themselves continually hindered by Ron's injuries.

Kristin and Cathy are so tender-hearted. And I'm afraid that's going to haunt their team on the scale next week.


Melissa said...

That's exactly what I said to my daughter... they sealed their fate. As far as I'm concerned they get what they deserve from here on out. (Tara's been my favorite for a while anyway.) I just don't understand what Aubry was thinking.

Joanie said...

Aubry didn't want to choose either of the guys, so she went with Kristin knowing Kristin would never get voted off this week. It was basically abstaining on Aubry's part.... the wimp.

Oh Blue Team played the game big time this week and voted off the bigger threat!

Ah, the yellow team didn't let me down.... they were boo-hooing right on schedule.

OK, so the teams (former colors) I like now are Green, Blue and Purple. On the previews for next week, it looks like Jillian went too far and pissed off Laura (she's a lot like Joelle with the big talk). Jillian even admitted that she's never been that mean... can't wait to see what THAT was all about!

Tara should be glad that Laura won't hold her back, even though Laura had big numbers the past 2 weeks. I have a feeling she won't be here much longer.

Marine Wife said...

Aubry was being a total wimp. If she hadn't done that, she could have saved not just Dane, but her team from coming back to the elimination room next week. It was so short-sighted of them to keep Ron instead of Dane.

btw, she was slow to grow on me, but I am liking Tara more and more with each episode.

Joanie said...

I have a feeling Aubry and Mandy won't be around much longer. Those two grind on my nerves!

Yeah, Tara's growing on me too, but aside from the good numbers the past 2 weeks, her partner, Laura just doesn't impress me at all.

I really like Sione and Felipe, as well as Kristin and her mom Kathy. I'm not a huge fan of Helen though. Not sure why though.

Yeah, I think we're going to see Blue Team in the elimination room again next week.

At least there isn't any big time back stabbing like last season going on... at least not yet!

Like when Brady purposely messed with his diet so he'd have a low number, get in the bottom two and have his team vote off the other player. I think that was the week they got rid of wife on the red team... (I think her name was Amy)
Then he went back on regimen and had a huge number the following week.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

For some reason, my DVR failed to record this 2nd half! Argh! I looked online for Full Episodes and the only one I could find was the key race episode!

Melissa said...

Have you seen all of the controversy about the marathon clip at the end? Turns out the production crew drove them for some portion (probably 3 miles) of the marathon because they wanted Dane to finish under the 6 hour "official" time.

Wish NBC would just stick to what is really important, people getting healthy and would have shown them finishing at midnight if necessary... but finishing the WHOLE race.