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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Givin' it up

Since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, we talked at dinner last night about what we're all giving up for Lent.

Annie and Charlie had obviously been thinking about it. When I asked what they thought they might give up, Charlie didn't even try the "I'm giving up homework" line. Instead, he said he planned to give up his iPod. Impressive -- not as impressive as if he'd said his Nintendo DS, but pretty sacrificial for him nonetheless.

For her part, Annie is choosing to give up saying "Oh my God!" She gets corrected when she says it, but the fact that she recognizes it as something she wants to change about herself made me feel good.

Much to Mike's chagrin, I suggested that as a family we give up pop (that's soda to you Cheeseheads). So we let the kids have caffeine free Diet Coke with dinner tonight. Usually they only have pop when we are eating out, so the sacrifice will be mostly mine and especially Mike's.

After all that was decided, Charlie issued a challenge. "I think you and Dad should give up cussing," he said.

A little embarrassed that we must cuss enough for him to suggest we give it up, Mike and I both agreed. I couldn't help but notice Charlie's victorious grin.

I'm also going to try to abide by "no screens" after 10pm -- no TV, no computer. That will probably be my biggest challenge, more difficult by far than not cussing, dammit.

I don't expect that I'll make it through Lent perfectly sacrificial and we're still having an internal debate as to whether or not Sundays "count." But I'm going to give it my best shot.


Sharon said...

Good Luck and I know you can do it! :)

I thought about giving up pop...for a split second. Who am I kidding?! I just don't think I'd succeed. So we decided that on Fridays we'll drink only water (as a family), but have yet to determine if coffee is excluded. Please God! I need my coffee!!! lol

Cussing. Good one. I'll join you. I have a terrible mouth. I've said words in front of my kids I never thought I would. And already today I had an OOPS. :( Dang it.

I'm glad you didn't give the Internet for Lent. I'd miss ya!
The i-pod sacrifice--genius. I wish I could force my husband into that one!

Momza said...

You can do it! Wait--I'm not Catholic, so I don't know about Lent--how long does it last? Whom are you accountable to if you don't make it? What's the point?
Educate this Mormon gal, please.

Joanie said...

Lent lasts for 40 days.(Sundays are not counted as part of Lent) It's a time of fasting and prayer. Somehwere along the line, it became uh.. the thing to do to give up something you liked as a penance during lent. I think it's our way of emulating the time Jesus spent in the desert, where he endured temptations by Satan.

Today is Ash Wednesday so no meat for us.. fish is OK though. And no meat on Fridays until Easter.

I'm cooking (yeah! I'm actually cooking!) fish tonight for dinner.

I do try to follow the no meat rule, even though I haven't been to church in 4 years (haven't been since my husband left and I prayed and prayed for help. we're divorced now)

Mike Magan said...

If I say WTF does that count? I have replaced the traditional cusswords with cusswords from BattleStar Galactica such as "Frakking"and "Gods damnit!"

But seriously the intent is to understand the sacrifice Jesus made and use the opportunity to become a better person. I'm not going to beat myself up if I violate a lenten promise, but it is an opportunity to own it and ask God to help me be aware of my actions; pulling up on the reigns BEFORE I break my promise.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I gave up soda one year (I guess I am a cheese head whatever that is?). It was a tough one. I also did sugar one year and chocolate another year. Just crazy, huh? Ryan and I did this together before we got married. We were both Baptist by this point, but with my Catholic roots, I wanted to do it. Besides Baptist just call it fasting, but they do it anytime for any amount of time. Giving up 3 things all in 1 year? Yikes! Your not spreading yourself too thin are you?