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Monday, February 16, 2009

Look familiar?

Sanibel palm

Nope. Not Punta Cana.

We just got back from an extended weekend on Sanibel Island, Florida. We left Thursday afternoon and arrived back home around dinner time tonight. For Christmas, Mike's mom and dad gave us plane tickets to come visit them. Unfortunately, Mike's Mom wasn't able to join us, so we spent the time with Poppo.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the past few days:


Look at those big blue eyes!

Too much cake

How am I gonna eat all this cheesecake?


My boys -- too bad Robbie messed up the picture.


The girls.

Bobo kids

A must-take photo op at The Bubble Room on Captiva Island.

Monkey kids

My little monkeys.


The 4th Frog


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I am so jealous! 2 trips? You look like you had a great time. Did you spend money on this one? Oh and I could help him finish that cheesecake... oh wait... no I can't! I am being a good girl!

Joanie said...

Another great trip! Now I really am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Your post came up on my Google Sanibel Alerts. :-) I could tell from the photos where you stayed and also where you ate. Got that Bubble Room confirmed, further down in the post. :-) If I remember correctly, the weather was warm this past weekend for your visit.

Amy said...

@Shannon -- Nope. Didn't really spend money on that trip either. I could get used to that. And the cheesecake? All he ate was the fruit off the top!