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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A footnote to the birthday blog

Not only is my friend Clara such a good friend that she took care of Annie on the day Robbie was born, but she also is a faithful reader of my blog, which is how she knew that I didn't have the whole story right:

Hi, thanks for mentioning me in your blog! Here's a correction:

I picked up Charlie at preschool; another mom in Annie's class brought her home. Between the time that I picked up Charlie and Annie came home, C and I raced to the Marsh to get the cake, ice cream, hats/plates/napkins and some balloons. I also picked up a little gift on my way to get Charlie so Annie would have something to open with her cake. She was only six and this was the first birthday that you and her dad had "missed" so she was a little sad about that. We went to the Chinese restaurant and the kids were on their very best behavior. Charlie and I did our best to make the day special for Annie. The cake and the balloons and a new baby brother were nice, but she missed her parents. They're the most important part of every birthday.


Isn't that an awesome friend? And aren't I a horrid mother for forgetting in the re-telling of that day that Charlie must have been somewhere?!

I guess just one more reason that Charlie will get the biggest inheritance (don't worry Annie and Robbie, by the time your dad and I are done, they'll probably only be $5 left!)


Joanie said...

What a terrific friend you have there!
By the way, there's something for you at my blog!

Momza said...

yes! you have an awesome friend!
And my youngest son Boofus, thinks that he is going to inherit every stinkin thing his daddy leaves behind!! Ha! and he's only thinking about tools and cool gadgets his Daddy has--money hasn't been mentioned yet. I fear that talk will pop up once he's a teenager.