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Monday, February 16, 2009

Why first-born Catholic Leos should not blog

When I first started this blog almost seven months ago, it was really to give myself a space to write more often. Honestly.

Figuring that if I am going to take the time to write, it would be nice if a few people read my blog, I sent the link to a few family and friends. From time to time, someone would comment on something I'd written -- and that was fun.

Then I figured out that I could publicize my blog on my Facebook page and in a couple of internet communities where I hang out. About the same time, I learned about "followers" and how to give folks the opportunity to subscribe to the 4th Frog.

That's where the egotistical craziness began. I started keeping an eye on the number of followers my blog has. I was over them moon when that number hit double digits.

Shortly after, I found out about Google Analytics, which allows me to tell on a daily basis how many visits I've had to my blog on any given day (not by whom, just how many). And the prideful Leo in me started fluffing its mane.

Then the other day, I noticed that I had inched up to 43 followers! Certainly 50 cannot be far away. However, the next day my bubble burst when I opened the page and saw only 42 followers.

Immediately the people pleasing first-born in me teamed up with the easily guilted Catholic in me and began to wonder "what did I do wrong?" Why did someone decide to unfollow me?

Maybe the picture of me in a bathing suit in the Punta Cana post was too much to handle? Perhaps the defector hates Jodi Picoult and anyone who likes her writing? Maybe he or she feels, as I have been lately, that I've gotten away from my humorous voice? What could it have been?

As if I am not awake at night enough, the worry and the guilt just might disrupt my sleep. So, as I see it, I have one of two choices to make.

I can go back to remembering that this blog is, at its root, for me. A place for me to creatively stretch my brain muscles. Or, I can arrogantly suggest that each one of you invite a friend to check out the Fourth Frog and consider joining the ranks of Frog Followers.

What's a people pleasing first-born, guilty feeling Catholic, proud Leo to do?


Joanie said...

I lost a follower yesterday too. It was pretty easy to figure out and I dropped her too because her blog was sooo depressing, I was glad to delete her. Then today I gained one! :)

Don't worry about the one you lost. I bet she was just jealous of your trip!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. I see the numbers go up and down sometimes too..and I wonder why my family doesn't all jump on and sign up since they would be keeping up with news about me and my kids! LOL But, I usually just wonder if all the readers are bloggers...I've told some people about you.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You and I are neck and neck! I have 43 followers and yes I also had the day that mine dropped by one and felt the same way (only I am a Gemini, Baptist, and the baby of the family). Sucks doesn't it? And I couldn't even figure out who I lost! But lately I went back to the attitude of who cares. The comments are nice. I love them, but I am not going to circle my life around this blog. I will post because I want to (Not because I afraid that someone will hit that stop following button.)

Post because it gives you pleasure Amy or you will soon have a bitter attitude towards your blogging. I went through that recently.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Hey you are back up to 43!!!

And why is my word verification "fattions?" Is your blog trying to insult me now?

Amy said...

@ Shannon -- LOL! I have nothing to do with the word verifications. But I shall have a frank chat with my blog about not insulting my readers!