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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A little whisper

Ok, so I said there'd be a "Great Silence." Just consider this a little whisper.

I paid $7 for 30 minutes of internet time so I could e-mail my kids. Now I have 8 minutes left, so thought I'd pop in here quickly.

After sitting on the plane for two hours and watching them de-ice and anti-ice the wings, we were definitely on our way to a little bit of island paradise called Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The flight was pretty smooth, which is more than I can say for the bus ride from the airport to the resort. My poor sister got bus-sick (no surprise, she once puked her way from Ohio to Myrtle Beach). Thank goodness for the bathroom on the bus; though while she was in there tossing her breakfast (we kind of flew past lunch), we hit a big bump and her butt hit the bathroom door, flinging the door wide open and my sitting flying out. one used the bathroom after she exited...

Uh oh! Less than 3 minutes on my time. Let me just say crystal blue skies, gorgeous sun, temps in the 80s, and no agendas other than be at dinner at 6:30pm. Now this is my kind of vacation!

Thursday: Apparently, this didn't post before my internet time got cut off. We hit the beach this morning. It was one of those dangerous kind of beach days because the breeze masked how really warm it was. But I was well covered in my SPF 30. We laid out and read books and drank cranberry vodka for a few hours. (Ok, I had 1 cranberry vodka that I didn't even finish entirely.) Then after lunch, I decided a little snooze was in order -- turned into a 3 hour nap!

The afternoon turned cloudy, but it's still warm. Much warmer than the single and low double digit highs at home.

I'll post pictures and more details when I return home.


Momza said...

Ohhh I just have to ask--Are you looking to adopt a middle-aged woman to keep you company on exotic vacations? I promise I will not barf at anytime on the trip, I'll carry your luggage, fetch your drinks, and be a designated driver at your disposal!
C'monnnnnn you know you want to!