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Monday, February 23, 2009

Got pancakes?

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday -- apparently known in some parts of the world as Pancake Day, which is new to me. But I can get behind Pancake Day.

I'm not a great cook, but I can do pancakes. Around here, pancakes = love. The kids are always excited when they come downstairs for breakfast and I've got the griddle hot and loaded up with batter. If it's pancakes for dinner, that's practically nirvana for them, which only happens when Mike is not home. For Mike, pancakes only = breakfast.

Robbie is probably my biggest pancake fan. He always wants one shaped like an "R." A few years ago, I went with a pancake theme for his birthday gift. He got dinosaur-shaped pancake molds -- which turned out to be a pain in the griddle, and three pancake books: Pancakes, Pancakes!, Hey! Pancakes, and my favorite Mr. Wolf's Pancakes.

Pancake day

Turns out IHOP has jumped on the Pancake Day bandwagon and is hosting it's own IHOP Pancake Day. IHOP goers (IHOPpers?) can get a free short stack (3 pancakes) tomorrow only. They do encourage a donation to the Children's Miracle Network; their goal is to raise $1 million this year.

Not too many IHOPs around here, but maybe there's one near you?

So what's the verdict on pancakes in your house? Breakfast only or great any time of the day? How do you like them -- with syrup? powdered sugar? chocolate chips? pecans?


Mel said...

We do like pancakes! I have perfected my homemade pancakes and now my children declare them to taste like ice cream! Even their friends beg me to make pancakes for sleepovers :) I am not a great cook (despite my waistline) but this is one thing I can make.

My dad...does not like pancakes. Apparently, as a very poor kid growing up in northern Idaho...this was all they could afford for after years of eating daily pancakes...not fond of them...even if they do taste like vanilla ice cream :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, Mel has to share her recipe. My kids love pancakes too but mine are very inconsistent. I add vanilla and cinnamon to the boxed mix. More than that is beyond me. Wish I could IHop tomorrow but I have sick kids home from school. boo! Their commercials make me drool.

Sharon said...

MMM!!! Thanks. :) I'll be telling my dh about this.

I enjoy pancakes for breakfast, but since I'm not a morning person, I prefer them for dinner. We especially love the Oatmeal Pancakes for dinner.
I stink at cooking them, though, so that job goes to my husband.

Happy Mardi Gras! Around here it's also "Paczki Day". I am so not ready for Lent...

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Love love love pancakes! Big surprise,huh? We have an IHOP here, but even more tempting is their all you can eat pancakes! I have resisted thus far. My favorite is IHOP's butter pecan syrup! Yum! Pecan pancakes are pretty awesome too!

Momza said...

We do love our pancakes---my kiddos put peanut butter on them. I'm up for fruit, or syrup! And they're great for dinner too!

See you at IHOP!

Joanie said...

Here in this part of PA, we have Faschnacht Day (Shrove Tuesday). Faschnachts are donuts that are eaten for Fat Tuesday. It's a PA Dutch tradition to make these donuts, that are deep fried and coated with sugar.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read your Pancake blog until tonight, Amy.And I haven't seen any National Pancake Day ads, but I had already planned on having pancakes, eggs and bacon for supper tonight! that was until Dad said he'd take the eggs and not the pancakes or bacon. Wonder what made me think of pancakes tonight?

Sue said...

I could eat pancakes everyday for breakfast & them thrown in a few more times for other dinner. I'm getting better at making them but only my 3 yr.. old appreciates them. if my daughter has a friend spend the night they go fast. I prefer eating them out where someone else makes them someone else cleans up the mess! As long as they are good that is. IHOP is yummy-I like Cracker Barrel but not so much fore their pancakes. Yum. Enjoy!